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  1. Hi Between 10:00z and around 12:30z there was indeed connection problems we where 3 pilots who tried dispatch flights, it looks like the connection is ok now thanks
  2. Not connecting to D/L wx and tracks' also not connecting for activation or Server Subscription.
  3. Just saw the update Thake you Thomas
  4. the Fsuipc 7 isnt work as admin, i needed to set only FSFK as Admin
  5. ok i think it works only when FSFK run as admin
  6. Hi thomas i am getting "IPC Time out all retries" error when tyring to connect to FS? am i missing something?
  7. Hello Is there any chance we FSFK will upgrade so it can work on MSFS via FSUIPC 7? thank Elad
  8. Version 1.10


    El Al Virtual full pax & Cargo Schedule D/L File and Import it via Add-->Import in the PFPX Schedule tab Visit our VA at: www.elalvirtual.com
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