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    The basic fact is that the less copies of the sim were sold the less potential customers we had. Please believe me, when Dovetails sold FSX on Steam the amount of potential customers exploded. I know three companies selling sim add-ons that were saved by that. At this moment we have the first sales data of MFS add-ons. From our free Paderborn to the stuff we charge money for. We also have our market research. And we are looking at numbers we have not seen since 2002.
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    Squeakyy clean. But that's where we start. we add bad paint and dirt on top of that. Again, we are modeling paint imperfections these days, how crazy is that?
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    https://youtu.be/ni8Xpei7nv8 I made a short (and crude) video about how things currently look. After removing a major roadblock, it felt like the right time to share.
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    Ich gebe auf. Man soll einen Hund nicht zum Jagen tragen.
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    Ich hab mal denn aktuellen Stand für das Update auf 5.2 zusammengestellt, das sind die Änderungen changelog_v5.2.txt die neuen Objekte für 1-vfr sind hier aufgelistet List of new objects in v5.2.txt Was noch fehlt sind neue farms Fassaden und vom Layer 4-scenery ist nur das Gebiet östlich vom 6. Längengrad drin (was als OSM only erzeugt wird, mein Testgebiet), also im wesentlichen DACH und noch weiter östlich. Hier sind auch schon @FlyAgi asynchrone Windräder in der richtigen Größe drin. Ist als Hilfe gedacht, falls welche noch was in OSM ergänzen wollen bis zum Wochenende, dann sieht man im Sim den Stand vom letzten Samstag. Zur Installation am besten Layer 1, 2, 3 und 7 löschen, dann alles aus diesem Archiv reinkopieren X-Europe_5.2_Update_Beta.7z (4 GB)
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    In the end it will include 550, 700, 900 and 1000. And not a stupid question.
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    In love with your new scenery ENVA!!!! Can't wait for the CRJ and the rest of your outstanding products!!!!
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    This could be an interesting one, hopefully we get something more advanced as discussed within the Twin Otter Extended Extended topic. There was a pretty long feature request list on what simmers would like to see when getting a new version back in 2017 Let's see if I get my brush out again for this one...
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator version is now available. To install the patch, simply close and relaunch Microsoft Flight Simulator, this should then automatically open the Microsoft Store and the update will download. The Japan world update is available FREE to all Microsoft Flight Simulator users, so be sure your simulator is up to date first. Once MSFS is updated, visit the Marketplace to download the Japan content bundle and experience all the unparalleled beauty in the Land of the Rising Sun. Patch notes: Airports Airports added: LEMG – Málaga Airport LFLC – Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne PAFR – Bryant Army Airfield Heliport Airports improvements: 60 airports improvements based on community feedback Control towers added on 700+ US airports UI Sensitivity screen is now displayed correctly The Manual cache management UI has been improved ATC Options should now correctly be saved Liveries selection menu should now work as expected The music can now be deactivated before or during the initial download on startup AERODYNAMICS The collision problems at negative altitudes have been fixed Braking power on ground has been tweaked to reflect more realistic braking distances Fuel consumption updating mass problem has fixed for some airplanes A plane with no fuel leak system should no longer lead to a crash Aircraft gyroscopic stability can now be set in our SDK toolset PLANES Incorrect energy formulas resulting in inaccurate autopilot behavior have been fixed Autopilot overshooting altitude capture during descent has been fixed Allow to up to 8500fpm max climb speed after the new AP is now more accurately respecting 6000fpm Visuals and animation Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: wing flex has been improved Beechcraft King Air 350i: rudder pedals animation is now correct Cessna 152 : fixed a graphic glitch when switching between cockpit and external views Airbus A320neo : fixed issues related to copilot AP button lights General aviation systems Cessna 172 Skyhawk: fixed impossible connection with ATC when BUS 1 is ON and bus 2 is off Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX: fixed PFD and MFD button issues between pilot and copilot sides Robin DR400/100 Cadet: can now request ground services to the ATC Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000): fixed checklist camera issues during the “After starting engine” procedure Cessna 152 and 152 Aerobat: fixed pilot heat not working Cessna 152 and 152 Aerobat: fixed copilot not setting master switch ON during starting engine checklist procedure Daher TBM 930: fixed fuel tank incorrect tooltip General aviation avionics Garmin avionics : fixed issues with auto switch from NAV to LOC in approach Garmin avionics : Fixed wrong country codes G1000/3000 : Fixes on flight plan entering / duplicate waypoint page G1000 : performance improvements when displaying nearest airport page G3000 : it is now possible to active approach legs Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000): fixed automatic change from GPS to VOR 1 when a flight plan or approach loaded Cessna 172 Skyhawk: fixed crash when deleting direct-to flight plan Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX: fixed default state of avionics Sby & avionic bus guarded switches when starting cold and dark Cessna Citation CJ4: Upper menu and ENG buttons are no longer INOP Airliners systems Airbus A320neo Fix APU Fuel Flow shutting down left engine Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner/ Airbus A320neo Fixed lack of elevator authority with FBW at low speeds Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: fixed APU fault light behavior Airbus A320neo : fixed max thrust display Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: altitude target can no longer be set to negative values Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental: fixed wrong approach VREF speeds Airliners avionics Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner HUD colors and layout improvements Airbus A320neo : fixed missing runway in the MCDU perf page Airbus A320neo : improved disappearance of legs too early when following a flight plan Airbus A320neo : STARs are filtered to display the ones connected to the selected runway in the MCDU Airbus A320neo : “Invalid entry” has been replaced by “Not allowed” message in MCDU Airbus A320neo : Flaps “F” indication replaced by “FULL” when flaps completely deployed WEATHER The wind gradient when getting close to the ground on live weather has been fixed Lightning have been added when applicable MARKETPLACE Average rating has been fine-tuned for more accuracy 3rd party filter is now sorted alphabetically Improved notification system for content bought outside of the marketplace existing in the Community folder Version history is now available when an item is patched CONTENT MANAGER The community content is now clearly identified in the content manager The content manager button in the Marketplace will redirect to the corresponding addon content Version history is now available when an item is patched INSTALLATION MANAGER The title’s audio is properly muted when the window is out of focus Graphic settings UI during onboarding has been fixed Apply and Save pop up now displays only once during the Graphic Settings in the Onboarding LOCALIZATION Various typo fixes in multiple languages CAMERAS Fixed visual glitch happening in camera cuts Fixed wrong LOD selection when a camera cut happens Camera reset function does not revert Cam speed/ momentum to default values anymore INPUT CH Eclipse default preset has been added TrackIR can now be enabled or disabled in the camera panel Track IR is now disabled when on the pause menu Improved support for Logitech Multi panel BUSH TRIPS Back on track should no longer show the wrong airport WORLD Ocean rendering has been improved (waves scale, foam and reflections) Water mask has been edited to display actual aerial image near the shore in some areas Luminance has been tweaked for some photogrammetry cities (Napoli, Darwin, San Gorgonio, Las Vegas) Fixed terraforming issue which was causing issues in KTEX airport Water elevation has been updated to improve rivers (Missouri river and around Toronto for example) and lakes (center of Canada) Fixed detail map rendering around runway/taxiway borders KNOWN ISSUES Game may crash if the VFR Map is not opened right after starting the flight Cessna Citation Longitude: Regression AP FLC and VS mode Cessna Citation Longitude: Autopilot climb and level off issues Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental: Autopilot switches to FLCH mode instead of catching the glideslope Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental: Autopilot switches to VNAV mode on take-off even if VNAV is not used by the pilot Airbus A320neo : PFDs shutdowns randomly The Tour of Japan discovery flight will be greyed out in the main menu if the Beechcraft King Air 350i is not installed A new install on a different install folder will only download the mandatory content and will require a reboot (non mandatory content can be downloaded from the Content manager)
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    TBH, I do not understand your ranting. You bought a product, which has not been developed by Aerosoft but by Microsoft/Asobo, with Aerosoft as one of their many distribution channels. Now you have a problem with the handling of the product and come here to get help, while there is a dedicated Microsoft forum for such questions. Above I told you what the pupose of this forum is and despite of this you got 2 suggestions from other users how to solve your problem and there is nothing more you can expect as not everbody here in this forum is familiar with the G1000. And it is also not the task of Aerosofts official support to answer such questions. And if Aerosoft would only be after your money, then this forum wouldnt exist at all. Which is the case when you look at many resellers.They just take your money giving zero support.
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    Sowohl als auch. Ein paar einfachere Sachen modelliere ich selbst, einige Modelle habe ich erhalten von einem Unterstützer von X-Europe, ein paar Modelle aus dem Sketchup Warehouse. Manches klappt gut mit Sketchup+ModelConverterX, allerdings gibt es da oft einige Probleme mit dem Mesh. Das muss ich dann ziemlich von Hand nachbearbeiten. Übrigens sind heute: Bielefeld: Klinikum Rosenhöhe Kinderklinikum Klinikum Bielefeld-Mitte und tadaaa: IKEA 🙂 dazu gekommen.
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    Es gibt mal wieder ein Update: Hinzugekommen sind jetzt noch Schloss Bückeburg (nicht mehr ganz OWL) & Bielefeld Bahnhof. Viel Spaß beim Fliegen!
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    Well we are still working on our P3D aircraft and they will continue to get updates because we need those for the new MFS versions and it is actually easier to develop those in P3d then it is in MFS right now. I very much doubt there will be new versions because sales of P3D aircraft have dropped tremendously, perhaps crashed is a better word. That might pick up, who knows, right now there are simply not enough customers to warrant any serious new project. The fact we are not big fans of P3d V5 at this moment (we assume most of our issues will be fixed though) has nothing to do with that. In our most recent (last week) market research we learned that P3D V4.5 is still by far the most used P3D version. A lot of people own P3d V5 but a lot are not using it. It's the same with FSX, we still see a massive amount of FSX users, they just do not buy add-ons anymore. As we always say, we do not tell customers where to go, we go where the customers are.
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    Hey Jeff. I know why you're asking, and I think Mathijs has been pretty clear in several of his posts. Aerosoft, and for that matter any large developer, will produce products where there is a market for them. So if the P3D market remains viable and profitable (and I'm still using it as I'm an airliner guy) then you can expect developers to continue to develop for it. At present, there is absolutely no way for anyone sane to predict this. Now in my opinion P3Dv5 was released about 1 year before it should have been, so beating P3Dv5 and LM up is warranted. I manged defense contracts under which LM was a primary contractor and I would have flayed them alive for their decision to release P3Dv5 to the flight sim community had it been under my purview (contract). The flight sim user community should not let them off the hook for what they did, however their attention is presently elsewhere. I'll also say that Mathijs is letting them off the hook very, very easy. Will P3Dv5 mature into a rival sim to MSFS? It's well within the realm of possibility, but I don't have a crystal ball. The only ones who know the answer to that is LM and I'd bet there are also contractual issues that have to be considered (I won't elaborate or speculate further about this). Back to your question, if the market is there, the products will follow across the flight sim developer world. It's not up to Aerosoft or any other developers, it's up to you guys. Create the market and the products will follow. Best wishes.
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    And keep in mind we will deliver an up to date (!) navdatabase on release. No outdated files.
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    Es werden so um die 210 zusätzliche neue VFR-Objekte für Europa sein, (Schwerpunkt Ost-Europa; GB sowie Kirchen in ganz Europa) die in der 5.2 erscheinen. Alle neu texturiert und "flugtauglich" gemacht, was für die Performance wichtig ist
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    Some more images... nothing really new to see but do compare this to default aircraft and you see we are learning some new tricks.... Still a lot missing, but we are getting there! As you will see the current model is one that is brand new and highly polished. It still needs to get its dirt and paint imperfections. Can you believe we are now talking about imperfections in a paint layer? When I started with Flightsim Paris was one huge uniform polygon with 7 corners. London was cool as it had a river and 15 corners. And as said, we will not do cheap ports from P3d V4, this is all brand new stuff. Click and open to see full size...
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    And to be clear, this is a full MFS model, not a port from P3D.....
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    +48+018 Slowakei 1. Nitra - in der Nähe LZNI einen nicht vorhandenen Wolkenkratzer mit 210m beseitigt 2. Šurianky - ganzen Dorf Häuser, Kirche und Farm haben richtige Angaben 3. Hruboňovo - ganzen Dorf Häuser und Farm haben richtige Angaben 4. Partizánske in der Nähe LZPT Bäume, Wälder, Felder und Kläranlage und Industriezone hat richtige Angaben 5. Chynorany Felder und Nutzungsflächen 6. Žabokreky Felder Wälder und Nutzungsflächen +49+012 Regensburg - Land 1. Auwälder entlang der Naab ergänzt 2. An der Fußgängerbrücke über die Naab habe ich mich versucht - liegt immer noch im Wasser - kannst Du da helfen? +49+011 Regensburger Land - Nittendorf (Etterzhausen) 1. Bauernhof, Auwälder, Felder und Kläranlage nachgezeichnet werde in allen drei Bereichen noch weiterarbeiten
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    Und der Grafikkartentreiber ist auf dem aktuellen Stand? Falls nein wäre das mein erster Ansatz den mal zu aktualisieren. Die 1060 unterstützt Vulkan jedenfalls, möglicherweise aber nicht wenn ein sehr alter Treiber verwendet wird, da bin ich mir nicht ganz sicher.
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    As the title says...the new patch is online It's about 8,78GB with Japan as extra 1,51GB Download via Marketplace. Hope it's better this time...But there are still known issues...so it's not perfect at all.
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    For which simulator? Leonardo has a fantastic MD-80 series for FSX and P3D and will be making a version for MSFS in the future. The Leonardo MD-80 is already one of the most accurate and complete simulations in all of flight sim and it would be very tough to beat.
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    I am no doubt heavily invested in P3D. But that doesn't mean I was the type that then was hoping for the failure of MSFS. In fact the opposite. I've purchased it. I was an alpha tester also. I've purchased a handful of addons. My problem is that I like to fly realistic airliners. I'm not sure the progress being made there. Other than one developer who recently said we could be waiting a year. That was very disappointing to me. As right now MSFS is basically a platform for very nice visuals and VFR flying. I'm hopefully that DX12 will come to MSFS sooner rather than later. While we can sit here and look at so many things that P3D got wrong with the execution of V5, we also can't look past the massive performance gains that were achieved. I mean I can have a packed vatsim flight into JFK or BOS in bad weather, and get very good performance in V5 in a realistic airliner. The same cannot be said for MSFS right now. Again I truly want MSFS to succeed and hope it's my future flight simulator. I've been doing this for 25 years and have seem the winners and losers in this niche. My biggest concern is not whether I can achieve realistic airliner flights from A to B. Because I think that will show up eventually. My concern is one day MS pulls the plug on the servers. In the old days this wasn't a factor. Microsoft could pull out and all that would mean is that updates would stop. But in a simulator with a heavy streaming component, pulling the plug would be game over. So for the first time there is actually now a very large risk in investing in addons that was much less of a threat in the past. Mathijs: I do appreciate your transparency and timely communications with your customers. Not everybody does that and it's refreshing.
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    Don't panic Uwe, hier geht's um die Deadline für X-Europe 5.2, nicht um X-Africa und die Kanaren, die mache ich erst danach und werde die Deadline hierfür in https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/155090-simheaven-x-africa/ posten. Und es lohnt sich schon jetzt dort reinzusehen. 😊
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    In the current SDK detail maps for ground textures aren't accessible, so the default ones are applied to these types of objects. Hopefully this is something that's improved when the SDK matures more.
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    Hi. I have now tested ENVA without using the jetways. Then all works. It's a fantastic scenery, and I'm looking forward to the fix from both you and Asobo. But now I have a work-around. I didn't need to implement the suggestions from @Tom A320
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    San Francisco Int'l, airport code KSFO. Just departed runway 28 L/R.
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    As far as we can see X-Plane is far more resistant. The issue is not so much that X-Plane or P3D is loosing attention but that MFS take so much more attention because it has so much more users.
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    Thank you both for your clear answers. It is up to LM to maintain whatever market share that suits their business model as well. For certain use cases, for the moment, I do not deem the latest Microsoft platform to be suitable. While there is nothing quite like the marketing prowess of a large company to really drive the market, I didn't imagine, given the long lead time for development projects, that Aerosoft would place all of their eggs in the basked that is the new simulator from Microsoft. However, it is apparent from your kind replies that this might be the case given you presently see no basis for "... any serious new project." In the end, those aren't my decisions, but one way to change a market is to deprive it of oxygen and that is how it seems you are interpreting the data. That clear and honest answer is appreciated. I agree with Dave's observations regarding the premature release of the latest version of P3D - Alas, I too am on 4.5HF3 for stability. However, I could make very similar arguments regarding MSFS. It would seem the difference is that anything related to MSFS is selling like hot cakes. In all cases, as you've both alluded to, "time will tell." The maturity of the ESP/P3D platform helps me make my own decisions, but I had hoped that a multi-platform strategy would be Aerosoft's position moving forward. Thanks for the replies!
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    It will remain NavDataPro/Navigraph for the time being. If NavBlue data improves and when an SDK for accessing the data becomes available, I might add this as a third option.
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    Yes. Stuff you have bought from Microsoft is also getting updated from Microsoft. Stuff you have bought from the Aerosoft shop or any other online shop like e.g. SimMarket (meaning: not the in-game marketplace) is getting updated via AS Updater. Updates will be made available to Microsoft the moment they are getting released also in the AS Updater. It is up to Microsoft to make them available in the Content Manager, and totally out of the hands of Aerosoft.
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    Hallo zusammen, nachdem ich das 3 Ticket eröffnet hatte, erfolgte endlich die Freischaltung! Danke an Alle für die Unterstützung. Gruß monty0705
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    Auch wenn ILS Daten allgemein gültig sind, richtig sich die Seite an Xplane user. daher verschiebe ich den post mal.
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    Mein Problem mit der Installation der MSFS 2020-Software nach der Installation der DVDs (siehe Anfang des Beitrages) konnte ich durch eine Neuinstallatin von Windows 10 beheben. Ich musste zwar schweren Herzens viele Programme deinstallieren und anschließend wieder neu aufsetzen, dafür funktioniert jetzt wenigstens mein Flugsimulator so wie er sollte. Ich danke allen nochmals für die Hilfestellung bei der Problembeseitigung. Michael16
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    Die Version 1.03 kannst du nirgends direkt herunterladen... ich schau mal was da das Problem ist, was etwas dauern kann da ich erstmal selbst schauen muss ob der Download prinzipiell defekt ist oder es an etwas anderem liegt. Edit: Ich hab die Seasons mal testweise runtergeladen und das lief recht zügig durch (etwa 20 Minuten bei 50 Mbit DSL), der Installationsvorgang dauerte noch mal ein paar Minuten (entpacken und installieren kann je nach hardware auch länger dauern) und anschließend stimmte alles, Datenmenge, Dateigrößen etc., im Simulator funktionierte dann auch jede Jahreszeit fehlerfrei. Um dein problem jetzt zu beheben deinstalliere bitte SAM Seasons mit der Suite, falls es dort noch als installiert angezeigt werden sollte und lade es neu herunter. Sollte das aus irgendeinem Grund nicht funktionieren lösche den Ordner "SAM_Seasons" aus dem ordner "X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/SAM/libs" falls er dort noch vorhanden ist und lade dann die Seasons mit der Suite neu herunter.
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    Was wondering why it didn't look Thales-esque, but that crossed my mind. Thanks for correcting it, and most of all, for fixing the OFFSET!
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    Hallo Forum, ich habe die Lösung in diesem Forum gefunden. Danke für die tollen Schreiber und Lösungsfinder. Mein Problem mit mac.xpl wurde mit dem Tipp im Terminal xattr -d com.apple.quarantine einzugeben gelöst. Besonderen Dank an Michi55 und BerlinFlyer56 für die tollen Tipps. Alf
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    Hi, that problem exist with every addon. It’s correct with release date. Future changes depend fully on the devs. I also moved this topic to the correct section. And in this section is already a topic covering this problem, incl. an fix.
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    Dann lasse ich das vorerst so. Ich würde Anfang Oktober die OSM-Daten ziehen und zumindest Layer 4-scenery neu für die finale Version generieren.
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    It has the wrong livery. 😎
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    Petter, it's the pinned thread at the top of that section. Trying to be polite here, but you really should take the time to look for things on your own instead of asking others to do it for you. In this case, Mathijs told you what forum section to look in, and it's pretty obvious which thread to look at when you open the section. Thinking about many of your posts in the Aerosoft forums, you could have found the answer yourself with a quick Google/Bing search. Now it may be that you find it hard to do if your English language skills are a bit weak, but learning to do things yourself through a translator app in your browser is a vital life skill these days.
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    There are various freeware utilities for creating an ISO - google is your friend (other search engines are available...) For mounting an ISO file to a drive letter - Windows 10 has this feature built in (I just doubled clicked on the ISO file I created and it mounted as a new drive letter). Suspect you need to make the volume name the same as the original DVD ('MFS Disk 1') - which is what I did. HTH Mathjis - understood - if Microsoft said you had to do it then fine - but still think you need to make this clear on the product sales page.
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    Now with MSFS released i would like to see the good old JU52 in this sim...
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    Here's some work in progress screenshots from MSFS
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    LGRP is an importand airport in summer and there is no good version New EDDK, EDDH, EDDS, EDDK, LTAI,...

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