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    • Plan HONG KONG to SHANGHAI: VHHH Hong Kong INTL - RCYU Hualien Airport - ZSPD Shanghai/Pudong Airport China - Taiwan - China   Phileas Fogg is going by steamer Carnatic to Shanghai   
    • Hello,   here I have posted a little instruction for the installation and may be problems: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/121741-x-plane-11-installation-tips/   And here you find a instruction how to install the default scenery manually: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/121741-x-plane-11-installation-tips/&do=findComment&comment=841479 Second half of the post.   I hope this will help.
    • Der Naumburger Dom ist immer noch zerstückelt mit etlichen Building:parts=church ohne gemeinsame Umrandung , eine Umrandung Building=church hat nur die angrenzende Marienkirche am Dom und ein Gebäude was zur ehemaligen Klosteranlage gehört.    Gottseidank gibts den Dom aber als VFR Objekt von GK.
    • I removed all hardware assignments, still no luck.    I added two pictures below.  Picture Fuel selector to NORM: start state 600 lbs in both FWD and AFT. Bottom half shows results after a few minutes (full power). Picture Fuel selector to Both FWD: start state 600 lbs in both FWD and AFT. Bottom half shows results after about 5- 10 minutes (full power). Yes, I over torque and over temp the engines, but I wanted to get max FF for this test.   In both cases the fuel is feeding mainly from AFT and ever so slightly from FWD.    FULE SELECTOR NORM       FUEL SELECTOR BOTH FWD
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