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Airbus X A320/321: Hotfixes und Updates

Kurzfristige Fehlerbereinigungen und Updates

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    • pretty high and very smooth, when i fly from MEL-PEK, in ORBX YMML, i got 40+ in vc, in WF ZBAA, i also got 40+ in VC
    • Me too....   And when I'm done painting it I'll share. (Don't ask when it'll be done because I don't know... and its not the at the top of the queue.)
    • hi,   I just experienced a weird problem with my a330. it kept on turning on the left during taxi. no inputs on rudder or tiller.   thanks
    • I hope i didnt overlook a post where this is already the topic.   I found some "bug" in some of the vc textures. I marked them but you still have to look closely to see what i mean. There are letters, sings and numbers where they shouldnt be.   Nothing bad but maybe it can be set on the tasklist ^^  
    • Flight complete with not too bad a landing. I didn't fly it before the temporary fix but i can say it doesn't seem to fly bad at all. maybe a little less responsive than the smaller buses but that to be expected.   a few things I did note:   there is defiantly something wrong with using the MCDU3 to set your load. it defaults to 26MAC which is the same as in the 318-321 but also defaults at UP0.8 trim which i suspect is wrong as i work with A332'S daily and trim them its always more than 26 and requires more up trim than 0.8, i'm not sure if that mixed with a slightly faulty flight model made for a very slow rotation with full control input. I cannot find anything in the manuals to help me figure out where the trim should be for each MAC value but having played a little with the load planner I can see that 26MAC=4.5UP which sounds more like it I am just interested in how you can get the MCDU3 to distribute the load to make this work. i also noted on the lower ECAM throughout the flight the CofG went red and by the time I landed it was about MAC 9 which is not right at all. maybe user error on my part please advise.   I did note that upon engaging AP the aircraft quite aggressively moved to line up with the FD, it just felt really sudden and like the aircraft panicked.    i think its been noted that the fuel prediction even with AS winds imported was way out at one point it said I would land with -0.3 i ended up landing at 9.somthing and it was a relatively short flight for the type of aircraft so i would think it would be so much out.   overall a very enjoyable first flight an I look forward to the patches and more flying maybe somewhere further airfield next time.   i would appreciate a response from staff on he issues i present please and if the trim issue I am picking up is me doing something wrong.   video is currently uploading will be available soon. maybe you can spot if i do something wrong. i however fly the 318-321 for thousands of hours(I am obsessed with FS) so used that to convert myself repetitively easily.    
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