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Airbus X A320/321: FAQ

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    • I seem to have misplaced my Catalina manuals... Are these still available somewhere? The post from Mathjis from 2009 links to a dead page
    • Aerosoft Pro A319 - Hamburg Shopper (Germanwings)   Join me for a domestic "shopping" flight from Nuremburg (EDDN) to Hamburg (EDDH), Germany. Flight time is 1 hour. The weather in Europe is currently heating up to tropical temperarture levels and haze levels are high. Otherwise it's a very smooth flight all the way to our destination. So fasten your seatbelt and let's go "shopping"!   Our flightplan   Pushback at Nuremburg Airport, Germany whilst both engines are spooling up...   We taxi away from the terminal area towards our assigned take-off runway 10 (100 degrees)     We initially climb to 7,000ft (FL70) as instructed by Air Traffic Control (ATC)   ATC instructs us to continue ascending to 20,000ft (FL200) and then on to our cruising altitude of 31,000ft (FL310)      Having reached our cruising altitude, it's time for coffee and a bit of "watchful" relaxation   A good time to call up a weather report for our destination (barometer, temperature & wind direction / speed)   Before long we start our descent as instructed by ATC. Initially 24,000ft (FL240), then 16,000ft (FL160), 10,000ft (FL100), etc     Approaching Hamburg we see the harbour area situated on the River Elbe   A slight turn in a westerly direction brings Hamburg Airport in sight   Additional views of the harbour area   We continue our flightpath flying parallel to Hamburg Airport as our assigned runway lies at 150 degrees    Having completed our "U-turn" in the sky, it's time to extend the landing gear and full flaps down   Our approach to runway ILS15 is now in full view    Touchdown at Hamburg Airport   We head towards the terminal building and approach our assigned gate no.2     With the jetway placed, our passengers disembark and cargo is off-loaded from the aircraft     Herman
    • This is something that I would love to see as well. Makes it more realistic.   Regards,
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