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    • This is really crazy! It means that everybody who wants to use this airbus in P3DV4 is forced to update the sim to V4.4, with all consequences. We flightsimmers are more and more pushed to spend our time with permanent updating. PLEASE keep at least compatibility with V4.3.
    • Dear Mr. Kok, please look at this: and this: Sincerely John Kunde
    • Sorry Dave - that wasn't a moan - I love the Airbus!! what an amazing bit of kit!
    • Hey Mathijs and team I too want to echo the sentiment of many and I it saddens me that a "few rotten apples" have ruin things for everyone else that comes to these forums to look at the great progress of what is obvious a much anticipated product. But I get it, as someone that loves siming and loves the Aerosoft Airbus series  i get why you guys have to do this. Nothing is more frustrating for someone that comes to check the progress of a product and is bombarded with such negativity from few. I don't comment much on posts good or bad, but what these post have allowed for someone like me is to learn about Airbus, features that i didn't even think it existed ,  systems in a way that otherwise not possible. But i understand. My comment to Aerosoft and to your team is that you guys are different because of the engagement you guys have with the real customers and potential customers and don't let that change. You guys dont want to be like others who want your "blood type" before your are accepted to their forums.  Keep up the good work and "real customers" will wait patiently for the bird.   Manuel 
    • Well, I'm sorry to hear about your experience, I truly am.  But remember that every single flight sim aircraft developed in the communities 37 year history has issues post release. We customers in the community already know that if we decide to purchase a complex aircraft within a year of release their will be bugs, and the more complex the aircraft the more bugs and longer to correct them.  It's the way it is, and development is done this way for very specific reasons (unless people want to pay the actual value of the software, which is around $5700 USD per copy).   And since we know their are bugs during this post release time period, it really pays to stay informed by monitoring the product forum for any such product regardless of who makes it.  Step over to Quality Wings or PMDG and you'll see that their most recent releases have had FAR more bugs than our Airbus has and ours has 7 different aircraft!  I'm not competing, those guys are our friends.  It's just an example.   Anyway, you have the work around (pretty quick/easy) and I will continue to ask those managing development until they get this one fixed.     Best wishes for Happy Flights!