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  1. Thanks B21 for the compliment. This everytrail thing is interesting will have a watch at this. I tried the task by using the exceptet arrival height. I was 8min´s slower But I´l give it a try it´s nice I think. Greetings Martin
  2. Hello Just gave this a try. Wonderful Task thanks for this! My best Time I did in my 2nd try: 30min 38,6 sec. But i will work on it I think there´s some potential. BTW is there a chance to get an red clue on the DG? Down below you find a zip with the IGC and an bmp with the tTime greetings Martin Edit: Dear childs don´t try this at Home! I´ve been a little bit to deep in the last 2 miles. 2010-6-10_12-48-0-224.BMP VSORG_Mission_2010-06-10by
  3. Hello fellow Pilots! Just bought the wonderfull Discus and gave this task a try. I´m new to FSX soaring (just have a few RL training hours) so I think I can be Proud of my Time. It´s something bout 1:58 I think. Screenshot wasn´t working. I there a chance to read it from the IGC file? One question: I´m german and my winter altimeter´s bitmap shows Height in KM. But in this task it seemed like the needles showed Ft. Is there a chance to change this? I´ll do another try but first I have to learn how to use the C4. Thanks a lot for this outstanding Task. Martin D-6945_Task
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