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Lowz Flyoff


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Did you ever wonder what b21's Austrian Day 2 race would be like with CumulusX?

Well, today is your lucky day!

The LOWZ flyoff - 5 pilots flying at the same time around the course after a yacht style start

Soar DG808S, CumulusX, and sim_logger required

file name LowzFlyoff.zip


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A 206 km flat triangle from Zell am See airfield in Austria, the same setting as the stock FSX soaring mission. The course takes you along the valley 70 km to the West of LOWZ before returning past the airfield another 35 km to the East, and then home.

Much of the task is a ridge run, with the wind 16 knots from the North-east giving good ridge lift on the south side of the valley.

if you complete this task and save an IGC file, you can ZIP the IGC file (right-click it and Send To->Compressed (zipped) Folder) and ATTACH the zip to your post here...


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Thanks spud and b21 for this new version of the Lowz race. I found this race a lot trickier than the last one. I was unable to thermal at all before the startline in this race which was probably how it was meant to be.

I did however get a which I was very happy with particularly as I was so low at times that I thought I better start a rock collection by leaning out of the cockpit as I went by. Particularly hairy on the last leg where I was at 60kts for a while.


Great mission


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Finally, I made my attempts, too. During the first run I had a surprising experience, when all the wind disappeared suddenly at minute 52. Thought it was intentionally and made my way home by moving to the North side to catch slope thermals. Eventually I picked a real thermal short before LOWZ and proceeded for a final glide round WP2. I would have made it that way in any case but luckily I picked another thermal on the last leg 8 nm before LOWZ. That run was around 1:33.

I had a snoopy look into the xml and didn't find any indication of a weather change so gave it another try. This time I hooked up behind Bert and followed him most of the time, except from two or so mistakes where I lost contact. Yet, I could catch up again and passed him on the final leg, having some more altitude at WP2 and by not returning perpendicular to the slope but already proceeding direction LOWZ.

I'm not sure about the definition of the task time for this mission, and I forgot to note the mission timer at the end. By looking into the IGC file I found finish line crossing 01:21:25 after flight start, which would be 1:16:25 by subtracting the 5 minutes lead time.

By analysing the IGC with Flight Display I got 1:15:08 time on task. I was not yet on start line at race opening.




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Good to see you flying Peter,

Have a go at following Spud, particularly his latest run; its a real challenge trying to outfly him in this mission.


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