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Lsmc Flyoff


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Hi Jeff,

great report, could be from e RW championship. And right, in all attempts I had some kind of trouble on the last leg. Always had the feeling I did something wrong.



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With RL gliding can similar logs be submitted which can be uploaded so that after a comp all pilots can watch the other competitors strategies via computer?

In RL gliding the mainstrain software package is [http://www.naviter.si/tour/seeyou-tour.php?Itemid=160]SeeYou which is a combination of Task Planner and IGC tracklog analysis program for 130 Euro. You can see the functionality is similar to that provided by Plan-G and sim_logger for FSX, and also maybe the everytrail.com website.

Because absolutely standard IGC-format files are used in FSX (sim_logger), you are able to view FSX log files in SeeYou, or equally view RL soaring tracklog files in FSX. Of course FSX provides a much more comprehensive 3D world for the animation of IGC files, and the sim_logger software is free, but most RL soaring pilots probably don't know this capability exists.


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Thanks b21, I was wondering about that. Did you have a crack at this mission? I noticed that you have been pretty busy on the Discus front. I am planning to get the Discus from Aerosoft so that I can get familiar with the plane and instrumentation etc.


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