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  1. Just an update on the Swiss race. Sorry but we have had a family emergency and Don is not going to be able to get back to the Swiss Race until mid November! We want to thank Peter for getting something going in the meantime and apologize for all those waiting for the Swiss Race. If there are any other pilots out there that would want to do a race, fun-fly, etc. when Peter's ends using the new Aerosoft glider, please go for it!! We would appreciate any and all contributions to promote this wonderful new glider and bring more events to SOAR. Will let you know more in November
  2. We will be doing a race in the Swiss Alps featuring the new Aerosoft Discus Glider! We will run the race as an online multi and also as an offline race. Pilots will have the option of participating in either or both races. We are looking at an October timeframe. Keep watching this post for more details!
  3. The new Aerosoft Glider will be released soon!! Mathijs is offering all SOAR Members a special discount when it is released. Please wait to purchase until we receive the info on how Aerosoft will do this! Thanks Mathijs for thinking of SOAR. There will also be a special competition using the glider and Aerosoft will help with the publicity/advertising the event and will furnish prizes!! This is one competition that you will definitely want to participate it! Keep watching the SOAR board for more details!!
  4. Great News!! The CCS files will be uploaded to the new SOAR Upload/Download section of the Aerosoft forums. Please see the announcement about this new feature in this same section for a link if you have not already done so!! The CCS files will be up as soon as possible so please be patient as there are quite a few of them! Thanks to Scott for volunteering to take this task on!
  5. Thanks Scott! That will be great, whenever you can get to it is fine! We are so glad for this opportunity to get them back online as there are still many pilots that use FS9!
  6. Aerosoft has given us more space on their servers so we can upload/download files that will only be available to members. This is a wonderful feature as the file size is up to 50 mgs per file!!! Please take advantage of this great way to make files available to other SOAR/Aerosoft members!! Aerosoft also has a similar section that is available to SOAR members for non-sailplane related!! This is wonderful feature for members - hope some of you will post a thanks to Mathijs, Shaun, and crew for this perk! here is the download link - be sure you are logged in before going to it or you
  7. To those of you that are not familiar with SOAR, we are made up of 2 components: 1. SOAR site 2. SOAR Message board They are located in different places. Due to problems with our message board, Aerosoft offered to help us by hosting our board, but the main SOAR site still remains where it was! A big thank you to Aerosoft!!! We are very happy with the move and wish to extend our thanks for including us on the Aerosoft Forums!! The main SOAR site is still active and located at http://www.virtualsoaring.org As always it contains downloads, activities, etc. We are a repository for soaring
  8. As you have noticed by now, the message board has really changed! We will be moving to the Aerosoft forums in the next few days thanks to the gracious offer of Mathijs Kok to host our board at no charge! We have pruned the board quite a bit to eliminate old items that no longer receive any posts! This move, we feel, is in the best interest of SOAR and will definitely give us more exposure and hopefully boost soaring to the general public. Don & I will still have control of the SOAR portion and will be able to add catagories as needed and will also do the moderation of the posting.
  9. Yes, we are saddened at losing all the history also. We have a complete backup of the board as it existed 2 Mar 2009. We are going to see about the possiblity of importing all those posts into an "archive" board that folks would be able to read and refer to for reference and history, but not post to. This would mean doing a simple free board that would just reside on the SOAR site. As to another simulator discussion. I don't see any problem if Microsoft does not continue with it's sim. Aerosoft itself has an airline sim. The main reason Aerosoft is helping us, I believe is because o
  10. As you know, the SOAR board was down for a few days! Fortunately it is back again, but who knows for how long???? We have been having problems for awhile now with hackers, and having had to do all registrations manually. We no longer have an account with Invision which means we are not able to update the board anymore. For some reason they quit taking our $$ automatically and the account lapsed without our knowledge. We just cannot see paying another $150 for another license +$25 every 6 months, since this site is not commercial and we have to fund it ourselves. This leaves us a coup
  11. Posted for Zorro. What should a laptop computer specifications be for flight simulators? I would like to know what the laptop computer specifications should be for gaming software. I am looking at a 17" Dell laptop "Alienware" running Windows Vista 64-bit. My computer specifications are listed below. Will 64bit work? I intend on running flight simulators with special interest in any and all soaring software. Will this be a good machine for gaming? Video graphics card- Dual 512 MB ATI mobility HD 3870 CrossfireX Enabled Processor- Intel Core p8400 2.26 GHz, 3 MB Cache Design Displa
  12. Yesterday we suspended the "no new registrations" at SOAR, but within 24 hours we have been hit by multiple bogus registrations. We have again had to suspend new registrations!! We need the help of IAN or any SOAR member that has knowleged about the board and hackers. I think I have figured out what is going on, but do not know how to fix it! I filled out a test registration, filled out the form and input the alpha-numeric code from the security image. All went well and I received a message that I would receive a verification email which I needed to click on to verify my email. I NEVER r
  13. We have temporarily suspended all new registrations due to a flood of probably bogus registrations!! We have also deleted all registrations that occurred after 1 Oct, 2008. If you registered legitimately and your membership has been deleted, please drop us an emal and we will restore your membership. Unfortunately there has been a bunch of registrations each day with weird names and all originating from either a Russian domain or g-mail. Our normal traffic for new registrations is one or two every few days/week. We are trying to determine if this is an attack on our board or something com
  14. Have uploaded another sailplane, cloud, sun - with the sun behind the clouds. *grin* Peter, Have to make changes as a vector, not a bitmap otherwise it gets jaggies. I can send you larger one already converted to bitmap, but you will not be able to alter size as a bitmap........... Do you have Adobe Illustrator or Coral Draw?? Both are vector programs, then you export finished product to a bmp, jpg, gif, etc Also, Ian has to be able to fit finished image into size of forum header so that is main consideration. BTW, size of image words can also be changed, but they are also vector to av
  15. Hmmm, even though the logo is a vector, when it was resized to 76 px vertical, then converted to a gif - it was a mess! The conversion made words unreadable. So, here are a couple of thoughts. 1. I resized the components of the logo, the word SOAR, the word founded in 1999, and the sun, cloud, & sailplanes. They are uploaded to graphics/logos/soar message board project. You can play around with these and see if this might be a way to go. or 2. Check out http://www.xplanefreeware.net/forums/ They have a taller header. If we went with something like that we could leave th
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