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    • Hello, while updating the nav data for my flight sim products, I noticed that there wasn't any update for PFPX.   Do you not support PFPX any longer with nav data ?   Kind regards Erich Wahl
    • 1.2.2 only adds new livery texture files and new offline AI flight plan files - there are no other changes. Parking codes were added previously in 1.2.1.     Some other AI traffic add-ons modify or delete protected internal MSFS files in order to block default MSFS AI models and liveries. Our policy with ST is never to modify internal MSFS files - we will only ever add new files. The upside is system stability because this way ST operates within the rules of the SDK and MSFS Marketplace. The downside is that default liveries may sometimes still appear alongside ST liveries in certain (rare) circumstances.     You can minimise the selection of non-optimised and non-ST aircraft as AI (airborne and ground) by using the following recommended sim settings:   OPTIONS - GENERAL OPTIONS - TRAFFIC - AI AND MULTIPLAYER TRAFFIC DETAIL - USE GENERIC AIRCRAFT MODELS (AI TRAFFIC): ON OPTIONS - GENERAL OPTIONS - TRAFFIC - AI AND MULTIPLAYER TRAFFIC DETAIL - USE GENERIC AIRCRAFT MODELS (MULTIPLAYER): ON   To completely block the selection of a particular aircraft as AI (airborne or ground), in addition to the above setting, it is also necessary to modify the config files belonging to that aircraft. We do not recommend this and it is not supported, so you do so at your own risk. Locate the other aircraft's package folder and edit the aircraft.cfg file to apply the following config setting:   icao_generic=0   For example, to block the sim from using the default A320 NEO as AI (which is the default aircraft appearing in your screenshots), edit its aircraft.cfg file located here :   \Official\[...]\asobo-aircraft-a320-neo\SimObjects\AirPlanes\Asobo_A320_NEO\aircraft.cfg   Be sure to take a backup, and note that manual edits to official internal files will be automatically overwritten during sim updates.   More info available in the SDK here: SDK: Additional Config Information     The sim will place AI aircraft in airport parking spots where the parking code matches the aircraft atc_parking_code, or where either the airport parking code or the aircraft atc_parking_code are blank. ST aircraft all have standard airline ICAO codes ('AAL', 'BAW', etc) defined as their atc_parking_code. In this case, according to your observation in Little Nav Map, the airport parking codes are neither blank nor standardised airline ICAO codes, so the sim will only place aircraft with an atc_parking_code which is either blank or ',,,,,' in those parking spots.
    • In this case...I recommend you to just download this free CRJ from flightsim.to. Buying a 70€ simulator for a kid is like throwing the money in the trash, the free CRJ I have linked before will probably be more than enough for him and his controller
    • Thank you so much Mathijs, very useful for me 🙏🏻. I have an extra question that has come to me these days. My brother has told me that some aircrafts like the Fenix A320 don’t allow you to save the flight and continue it later, could you please tell me if your CRJ allows it? It would be very useful for him, because he loves to replicate real routes from Canary Islands to Europe and sometimes he has not enough time to finish them in just one session.
    • Hello please see here where you have posted this second question: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/173843-aircraft-holding-point-not-listed-in-follow-me/   This Thread I will close because the first question is solved. Greets Heinz
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