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Aerosoft Aircraft Twin Otter update to

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Aerosoft Aircraft Twin Otter




- Reworked propeller animations (all models)

- Updated exterior for all models

- Prop Section clean up

- Fine tuning prop to meet climb and cruise data

- Spoiler with 60 degrees angle to simulate additional drag when blade angle is below 12 degrees (happens in idle flight situations)

- Different ski settings to allow sliding with less power

- Added control code for spoiler

- Centralized propeller animation code

- Animated "slow" propeller blades

- Fixed: Wrong TQ indicator background textures for some models

- Fixed: CL Ignition Switch normal highlighting pitot heat switch instead

- Added: Missing pop-out clickspots for GPSes and other displays

- Fixed: "Position Light ON" on before startup checklist switching anti-coll light instead

- Fixed: Switched BOTH ON AFT / BOTH ON FWD labels

- Added: Full-range propeller blade animation

- Fixed Generator 2 annunciator not lit when engine 2 is off

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