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  2. Steve, any chance of getting these put onto the new CRJ professional?
  3. Update: I think this might be something to do with GSX loading as the I've noticed the GWCG in red while in flight. I always load the aircraft through GSX and so this might be a conflict between the aircraft's load distribution recognition and GSX's loading. I'll try again with instant loading and GSX off and see how it goes.
  4. Auch von mir, Daikan, herzlichen Dank für das große Lob
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  6. Hello Sadly the plane ctd´s after one cancels the login in browser... Flow: Press charts tab -> wait for browser to open - close the login form tab in browser Then first the tablet becomes unusable and after too many clicks or trying to reload the plane the sim ctds. Seems no error handling on this function too. P3D 4.5 hf2 Win 10 Latest CRJ update
  7. Kannst Du mal schauen: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/545888751#map=19/52.23407/12.85805 2 Building sind auf 60 m getaggt sind da height mit ele verwechselt?
  8. Prüfe mal, ob alle benötigten MS C++ runtime Bibliotheken installiert sind. Habe im Anhang mal die wichtigsten Bibliotheken zusammengestellt. Das könnte die Ursache sein Gruß Dirk VCRedist2005-2015_Ger.zip
  9. I see what you question is Ray, please provide me with the entire Route and which runway/STAR/transitions you used.
  10. Hello Ok thxs So it's full white and i can t read the doc
  11. I have got a new pc, but I copied all the data from the old pc to the new one. Every single byte.
  12. I understand my friend, not everyone is trained and experienced enough to understand Program Management and bringing products to market, and that I promise you is where your disconnect is. In a nutshell, we set a target price for our A330 to make it affordable for the largest segment of the flight sim community, and we didn't want to charge $160 USD for the product. So we had to make decisions on what to include and not include, and I think we did a great job with that. Whether we add different engines in the future are based on many different factors which I won't go into here, but I'll just say that it's an option we'd like to do at some point - but it's not entirely up to us. Best wishes.
  13. Well, it would stand to reason which we did the same thing with the smaller buses when they were released. It's just normal software development. But we have released several recent updates for the smaller buses and we're working on yet another one which includes more changes to the Fuel Planner. By the way, there were two updates to the Fuel Planner for the smaller buses in the past several weeks, so.... that shows that we care indeed still developing for them. Agreed! I don't know why, but the Fuel Planner for the smaller buses and in particular the A320/A321 is pretty much dorked, and I'll be the first to say that we should be VERY sorry for releasing this to you guys. Why it wasn't widely tested by our Beta team (and it absolutely wasn't) is a complete mystery to me, so no doubt about it this was a very bad mistake on our part, plain and simple. Is there some good news? Yep! We're working on a fix that shouldn't be too much longer, but I have even better news for you. Even if the Fuel Planner values were perfect, it is my opinion the only reason anyone should ever use the AS Fuel Planner is to enter the final fuel amount and Trim, Generate a Load Sheet, and that's ALL. There is so much the Fuel does not and will never take into account. I've written about that so many times here in the forums that I'm just not going to cover it again - but my posts are here for anyone who wishes to read them. Now, I am very late on getting a video together to show how to do fuel planning for the Airbuses using Simbrief and the AS Fuel Planner together, but there are only so many hours in the day and I just haven't been able to find the time. But it's pretty easy and straight forward, use Simbrief to calculate your route and fuel amount, and then add that final fuel figure to the Fuel Planner, set the trim, Generate the Loadsheet, and call the Loadsheet up in MCDU2 for the smaller buses and MCDU3 in the A330. Doing that is the ONLY correct way to use the Fuel Planner, and I don't recommend doing anything else. Well, you could supplement PFPX for Simbrief or use another similar tool of your chosing, but that's it. Since you calculated that distance, you had to have used a different tool other than the AS Fuel Planner. Best wishes!
  14. Really too bad that we don't have the other engine options. In those 20+ years of repainting liveries, I never wanted to go fictional. Still hoping we will eventually see the other variants, so I can die peacefully ;-) Regards, Vital
  15. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  16. Any news on this? I had thought about spamming navigraphs twitter account so they provide more assistance but that would be the desperate last measure :).
  17. So something must have changed since th last time. Try to find out what has changed.
  18. Is this a bug then? Why would the aircraft recommend UP2.3 based on my MACTOW in that case? Thanks
  19. Hi Wolfgang, what did you change that works.
  20. Ich Danke dir ich versuche es mal zu berücksichtigen .. ;D Viele Grüße Tobi
  21. Ich bin auch schon fleißig dabei Hochhäuser in der brandenburgischen Pampa auf ein sinniges Maß zu bringen in OSM. Erst gestern wieder so einen Ausreißer in der Nähe von Ziesar gefunden. Statt 4 Etagen wurden 44 Etagen eingetragen...
  22. Here is a picture from my cockpit. Sun from the right side and still looks great ! Go to the menu, then World, then Time and Season and take a different time, You'll see, the sunlight is different now. Greetings Helmut Hier ein Bild aus meinem Cockpit. Sonne von der rechten Seite und sieht doch toll aus ! Gehe doch mal ins Menü, dann World, dann Time and Season und nehme eine ander Uhrzeit, du wirst sehen , der Sonneneinfall ist jetzt anders. Gruß Helmut
  23. Ja Danke habe Probleme mit der Installation von SAM 202. habe kein X Plane roote File , da kommt die season Bibliothek nicht. Was tun ? Werde morgen weitermachen. Da ist der Pfad von X Plane 11.
  24. Hey there 😃 Haven't played FSX in a while. The last time I played, everything was working fine. But now, after I play again, the throttles aren't working on the aerosoft A318/A319... I can already tell that it ISN'T a hardware problem. The levers are working perfectly on other planes like Ultralight or the Boeing 737-800. I use the SPEEDLINK BLACK WIDOW FLIGHTSTICK. If I try to use the throttles with the mouse wheel, it goes up for a milisecond and resets to idle... it only works with F2 and F3. The second problem is, that I can't use the left MCDU properly. I can't use the Checklist, and when I try to load a state, like the Take-Off state, it will set to the Cold And Dark state. No matter what i choose. I checked the options (in the MCDU), the checklists are turned on. Well, I tried everything, but nothing works for me... I hope you can help! Byeee!
  25. @masterhawk @fyase82 Hello everyone, I just came across this topic, and I'm the developer of DL for inibuilds, if you have the actual info of the type of lighting and color, please. With the recently improved effects, I will be able to update to have a larger radius 😃
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