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  2. I am having the same issue. Perhaps someone could comment? Scott
  3. Good morning Dave thank you for your help. Well i gave the bus several minutes to load, then did the checklist and then went to mcdu procedure. I try the whole thing today again. If that doesnt help, i ll do a complete deinstallation, reinstallation.
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  5. Is this an aerosoft f16 in DCS? AT-cm_441678109.mp4
  6. Version 1.8.7 is available! PREPAR3D v4.5 compatible!
  7. Subject says it all. I've combed through the aircraft.cfg and reset every xyzadjust = FALSE to "true". STILL cannot pan or zoom the external views using the hat switch, etc. While I cannot possibly grasp why this was thought to be a good idea, is there another setting in the 'bus configurations that is locking these views in place? Note- this is not a p3d problem, it's unique to the Airbus Prof product. Thanks to anyone who can help! I'm a fan of being able to tweak my external/wing views in-sim.
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  9. Hello, I've tried downloading the A318-319 installer v1.2.4.0 from my store account, but I'm getting the following message. I am signed into my account and I was able to download the 320/21 installer, but not the 318/319
  10. Hello, I've tried downloading the A318-319 installer v1.2.4.0 from my store account, but I'm getting the following message. I am signed into my account and I was able to download the 320/21 installer, but not the 318/319
  11. Hola, Intente descargar nuevamente los instaladores, posiblemente se descargaron con error. Si utiliza el navegador para descargar intente mejor bajarlos a través de un gestor como Free Download Manager, reducen la posibilidad de que los archivos que se bajan se vuelvan corruptos. Saludos, Walter
  12. had he installed WX Advantage Radar and just updated to prepar3d v 4.5 ? Then uninstall WXAR. Robby
  13. Hello it's my first post on the forum ^^ i also think that it's the transition to the 64 bit it made the simulators more stable and no more random crashes
  14. Remember to allow an aircraft state to fully complete loading before you switch to a different aircraft state. Failing to do so can leave you with questionable results. That is normal. Remember, you're not looking at altitude restrictions in the FLT PLN page, what you see there are altitudes the aircraft will actually hit and are calculated based on many different dynamic variables. The crossing restriction data is located in the Vertical Def sub-page. It's far different than Boeings. Best wishes.
  15. I think I have a clue, just made related changes. Hopefully it won't happen again.
  16. That's certainly true, but I was thinking... the updaters we have available to us from many different developers. Today I updated a LOT of software via updaters over 30 minutes, but before we had these updaters it might have taken me a day to find out which updates I needed and accomplish the same thing!
  17. 64 bit simulators. Hands down. It's such a simple change, but opened up possibility for lots of innovative features that would have otherwise been memory-prohibitive.
  18. I was thinking back to how things were for us before P3D was released. Now, this isn't about P3D, but that's a great line of demarcation for my question for you guys. QUESTION: What is the single best thing we flight simmers have now that we didn't have 6 years or so ago?
  19. They aren't missing, we removed them. But good catch my friend! I'll make a note that the page numbers need to be removed. Many thanks!
  20. Then how do you eliminate that trailing discontinuity? That's what I'm talking about, an attempt to delete the discontinuity in the legs page breaks the legs page. If you try to fix the damage by deleting the elements, it breaks the simulator and causes a CTD. And I know it's the wrong way to do things, I'm bringing up two topics here: 1) There's a trailing discontinuity that can't be erased 2) It's possible to CTD the sim very easily. EDIT: To clarify, I thought this was an experimental update. It's not, I also have installed.
  21. It's supposed to be a fitness training for passengers before they sit in an airplane for hours
  22. Hello In the documentation Vol1-In P3D v1.2.4.0 pages 37 to 44 are missing. Raymond
  23. What is the minimum version of P3D required for the newest latest version 1.2.4 of the Airbus? No mention of this in the announcement. thanks, mike
  24. And now i noticed that the mcdu is constantly doing calculations altough i havn't inserted or changed anything
  25. Hallo Micha82 und Othello, klärt das Problem zwischen euch beiden bitte per PM, nicht öffentlich hier im Forum. Das ist nicht mehr Zielführend... Wenn Ihr zu einem Konsens gekommen seid, dann könnt ihr das ja hier wieder posten.... Gruß heinz
  26. Hello, I will forward this to the developers.... Greets Heinz
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