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  2. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  3. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  4. Nice to have the A330 released and good job guys. One thing though : the external view with non transparent cabin windows makes me feel we are back 10 years ago with a Wilco aircraft... wierd from Aerosoft.
  5. Brussels Airlines A330-300 Thanks in advance !
  6. Hello everyone! I have the same problem with the plane handeling (using the Honeycomb Yoke aswell), on my way to LPPT (400nm to go) and i´ll check out Daves solution asap regards Max
  7. Im getting used to flying with the endless drone of the copilots voice Lights On, Lights On, Lights On haha
  8. Grid navigation is not modeled at the moment. It may be implemented with a future update.
  9. I am not yet familiar with the A330. But does the A319 also have such a trim tank?
  10. Can you give us a list of all tweaks and add-ons you did? One of those caused this issues for sure.
  11. Hi here the same bug and can't turn OFF Nose lights and Rwy Turn Off lights regards
  12. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  13. Would you be so kind as to drop us a mail at support@aerosoft.com so I can forward this to our sales people?
  14. Hey Guys I bought the A330 but the gauges stay black and the landing gear isn’t showing. I know there was a Topic about my problem but it was closed. I did every step as explained in the other topic but even after updating C++ and downloading a new A330 it doesn’t work. I have the newest P3D version. Please help
  15. I believe the answer is the Inner Trim tank... and how we set that value internal in the code when you move the CoG. https://images.app.goo.gl/eSoc3qoNoVhar5tR9
  16. Hey there. Sorry, I thought I had this answered however just found the gift vouchers are on the Euro site and also they are physical. I need to do this for someone in Canada. So need a better solution if possible. I want to buy a product as a gift for a friend. How might I achieve that? He has Aerosoft products (Airbus 320/321) and I would like to get them the 330 when it is released. Do you have gift cards or can I gift them the product (with the discount as they already have the 320)??? Thanks! Phil
  17. Hi I tried it 3 times and everytime i do the taxi checklist with the integrated copilot. It keeps bugged at lights on everytime. I really dont know what to do with that. Thx for your help Greetings Fabio
  18. HDR is complex issue. Of course in due time every content will be HDR compatible and it will look a lot better than before. But the HDR and PBR implementation in P3D are not very strong and buggy. We have been discussing these issues for months on the internal Lockheed forums but to be honest did not get a lot of help. The issue you see in our product are the same in every add-on release that uses the latest option. I can almost understand why PMDG decide to ignore PMDG to such a large degree. And then I look at how gorgeous our cockpit looks.....
  19. Unfortunately for a unknown reason using Simstarter cause the complete Throttle thing not working as intended. For the moment, when flying the A330, start P3D directly.
  20. Thanks, I didn't know about this fantastic thing. Thanks you so much !!
  21. I am trying to understand, how the Fuel Planner calculates the Center of Gravity. Comparing the COG calculated by the Fuel Planner for an empty aircraft, i.e. ZFW = BOW, which results in %MAC of 27,2%, with the COG for the full amount of passengers, but no cargo and no fuel, resulting in %MAC of 21,9%, I'm getting confused. A lower %MAC means that the more passengers are on board, the more forward is the CG. I would expect the contrary, because there are more seats behind the 25% MAC line than before that line, isn't it? See the following screenshots Other Load and Trim Sheets, as can be found in the Airbus Flight Crew Operation Manual, Part 2, Chapter 1.40, also suggest a shift of the COG towards the back with a growing number of PAX.
  22. Nobody in their right mind would bash you for using a Honeycomb Yoke, even though the Airbus uses a side stick. I use it too, it's amazing. The issue is likely you Windows and/or P3D calibration. 1. Close P3D. 2. Type the following into your Windows Search Bar: USB Game Controller, and then select "Set up USB game controllers". 3. Which will bring up the following Window: 4. Select the "Alpha Flight Controls", and then select "Properties", then you'll get the following Window: 5. Then select the "Settings" tab, then select "Calibrate" and follow the instructions. The instructions say to move the controller in circles, but with a Yoke that will mean operating the X and Y axis so that the "=" in the screen moves in circles. Do this at least three times, then select Next and Finish. 6. Now open P3D, go to AXIS settings and Calibration, and at first set the Alpha Control settings as follows (you can fine tune them later, but start with the recommended settings). Note: You can set these recommended settings right away by selecting Default Settings as shown: Let us know if you have any further issues!
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