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Repaint request


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As promised, I've updated the KLM Cityhopper paint. Among the changes, the most notable being that the nose section is now properly rounded where previously it came to a triangular position.


  • New striping added
  • Updated cockpit textures
  • Adjusted fuselage markings
  • updated base color (white) sections
  • Properly aligned and rounded nose section



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My request it's abnormal because I use a VA with birds don't have pictures to give you.

The only thing I have it's a repaint for Airbus X Extended A320 NEO

The files :


Some pictures:

So I would like If you have the time to repaints the birds with this colors I have All new AĆ©rosoft Airbus A318-A319-A20-A321 Extended or not.

Can you make that for me please ?

Some help please

Best Regards

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Just uploaded .

post-29473-0-46206000-1416135645_thumb.j http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/3006-airbus-a319-cfm-finnish-airlines-oh-lve/

Finnair's retro aircraft, named Silver Bird, made its maiden flight from Helsinki to Copenhagen on 30 July 2008 . The Finnair Airbus A319 was painted in the livery of Finnair's 1950s Convair in honour of the airline's 85th anniversary .


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I have a repaint I am working on for a VA. But I am having problems with this highlighting thing. If I send the files, could somebody complete it for me? I have it all done except the highlighting part so it looks right. Right now there are spots that are lighter than others etc...

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It has been a while since i've seen it mentioned. Is anyone currently working on or will anyone please repaint the AA/US Airways Heritage Liveries for the A319??

To be sure a few have been done already.

Completed repaints that are available are.

Carolina "Panthers"

Arizona "Arizona Flag"

America West (old livery with US AIRWAYS logo)

Ones that I would really love to see are...

Arizona "Cardinals" 1st choice!!!!!

Nevada " Battle Born"

America West (New livery with US or AA logo)




Philly "Eagles"

If anyone would like to tackle these, I would appreciate it.

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