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  1. That has done the trick. Thinking back, I removed P3D following instructions obtained from searching the web and the first thing it stated to do was to remove both the P3D Add-ons and the P3D Files Folders and this might have cause the problem. I wondered whether I should delete these two folders but I did after taking a backup of them and reinstalled from the copy when P3D was installed. However I did not do anything to the Aerosoft Folder so I would have thought that the 'add-on' file would still have worked. Anyway all is OK now. Thanks, George
  2. OK thanks Mathijs. I will do A full reinstall
  3. It is installed in the C-Users-MyPC-Documents-Aerosoft etc. P3D is installed in another drive.
  4. I have had to reinstall P3DV4.3 but, although I have the 'add-on' xml file in the Documents Folder pointing to the 'SimObjects' Folder, the aircraft are not showing in P3D. According to Vol1, I should not have to reinstall the airbus. Gee8ch
  5. Here is a shot of my repaint of the A319 Pro in Air Canada's new scheme at Vancouver.
  6. Stefan, I have had a look but could not find the Paint Kit Manual. Where can I find it? George
  7. Thanks very much Stefan. I ill have a search for the manual. George
  8. Here are the Files for the Alitalia A319. Gee8ch texture.azanc.zip
  9. I am doing my first repaint using the paintkit but having trouble identifying where to repaint the Nosegear doors. Can someone please advise where to do this and the rest of the bits that are not covered when you repaint the 'belly' as shown in the attachment. Thanks. Gee8ch
  10. Sorry. After I posted my last, I found another post concerning the same problem which stated that reverting the Updater to version 1.1.4 solved the problem. I have done that and it appears to be working and the Bus version is now showing Gee8ch
  11. I have reinstalled from scratch but the updater is still not working properly. How do I get an up to date version? Will SP1 include all the updates to that point? Gee8ch
  12. Thanks, I am using BT Virus Protect (McAfee) but I don't see an option to exclude a Folder. Gee8ch
  13. Having said that everything was OK, the Updater is not functioning properly. When I run it, it shows 'Installed version:' and 'Available version:' but when I try to update, nothing happens and it just vanishes off the screen. What can be wrong now? Gee8ch
  14. Thanks. I was right that something had gone wrong with the updating process. The aircraft were not appearing in P3D and when I checked, the aircraft.cfg's were missing. So I have reinstalled and updated with my AV software switched off and all is OK again. I have also excluded the updater exe so hopefully all will go well with the next update. Gee8ch
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