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  1. The really is special touch to an already spectacular approach procedure... Great stuff!
  2. Too early to ask if this will fit in with FTX Global and EU landclass? Martin
  3. Best scenery news for me in 2015-2016! Very nice!
  4. Hi J! You're out of luck because SAS only operates 737s domestically in Norway... Norwegian also only operates the 737 and Wideroe only does the dash 8... SAS will start operating Airbus out of Norway beginning of next year, but they only have 319 and up. Norwegian have a massive a320 neo order in, and they will start operating them from next year. If you can do the 319 then SAS operate that on EKCH-ENZV/ENBR/ENGM/ENVA... Mas
  5. I know it's far fetched, but a fictional SAS neo (cfm) a320 would be awesome! They have ordered them, but they are not delivered yet, so semi-fictional;-) Mas
  6. Following this topic: I just wanted to know if there is any solution to this problem? Trondheim X is placed at 23 ft. for the whole airport in my installation. This is not only an issue with online traffic runnning other versions of Trondheim, but also in complex add-ons susch as the NGX. The NGX runs it's own GS calculation, and has the correct height for the airport in the system - wich makes the touchdown rather ugly, as the airport is placed some 6 feet higher when on 09, and a whole 23 feet higher when on 27, than what the NGX ils system expects... Any ideas are welcome? I run NSX II (norway mesh scenery), but as far as I could read of the google, the elevation problem is also for people without NSX II... I also tried removing NSX from the library, but no changes - all of the airport is still 23,2 feet. I do not run other mesh or scenerys for ENVA.... Mas
  7. That did it - thank you very very much Oliver!! Mas
  8. Indeed I did... I'll do as you suggest tonight - thx a million Oliver! Mad
  9. 1. So in AFD/Scenery I found (EDDP related): AF2_EDDP.OFF EDDP_APP.BGL 2. If you mean the list that is in the FSX menu itself (where you add/remove scnerys manually), I've put EDDP on top (was no 2 after Aerosoft AFD), but now no. 1. - no change I'm afraid...? I'm not sure I understand you right though? 3. No other EDDP related in FSX. Thx again Mas
  10. Thx Oliver - will do that tonight! Mas
  11. Does anyone (maybe Aerosoft) have a suggestion for this? Mas
  12. Hello again - you were right on your hunch Oliver - the progressive taxi are not seeing the scenery taxiways correctly I guess - do you have a solution?? Mas
  13. Hello Oliver - haven't tried that, but will test tonight! Thx a million for your help! Mas
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