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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
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    Slew mode

    On the xplane.org site you can download an plugin called X-slew, made by Luftwerft.
  2. Have the same issue. On the door page all doors green, and outside all doors closed.
  3. Would like to ask an request for the Czech Air Force's A319 : http://www.planespotters.net/Aviation_Photos/photo.show?id=073296 Thx
  4. Hi Michael, thanks for the back up (grtz from "Lenny" @SoH)
  5. It's been posted on Sim Outhouse(SoH) Fsx-forum.
  6. Razbam just announced that they will bring all 4 Skyhawk packages to full FSX standards, from the ground off.
  7. Well glad for you...for me the bloody plane keeps rolling forward on its own. I plugged my saitek X-52Pro Throttle to all my USB-ports, set Throttle sensativity/deadzone from 0<->100 , even let FSX make an new FSX.cfg In the air, the plane reacts normal to the throttle idle position, and bleeds off airspeed, but once back onto the concrete, even with speedbrakes extended, it looses almost no speed, only way to stop the plane before its shoot past the end of the runway, is to stand on the wheelbrakes. From the moment I take the pressure of the wheelbrakes, it starts living on its own again
  8. So then, I'm not the only one.... it's killing me for weeks, and its the only plane in my hangar, that's have this issue!
  9. Hi Shaun, Duplicate the same situation (time etc) as with the X-Load F-18D, but now with the stock Cessna, and nothing changes. From the moment I re-enter the VC, the lights disapear. When returning to spotview, the lights are back on.
  10. Hi, While performing some daytime (09:17 GMT) T&G's with the X-Load F/A-18D @ Sion, I noticed that the Approach lights are only visible (<- lights itself) from the Outside view : spot, and tower view, but not from within the (VC)-cockpit? Grtz, Viper....
  11. As said in the first line under Model Configuration Files on page 42 "Although it is NOT possible to change the visual model of the aircraft you can change the behavior of the aircraft." Basicly it states that you can't change (add/remove) the weapons on the plane (visualy), but you can make them weightless. They remain visual on the plane, but the flight behavoir of the plane itself changes (turning virtualy an full loaded aircraft into an clean example)
  12. Not possible for now, because the payloads are part of the models. grtz....
  13. These "items" are parts of the model, and therefore they need to be implented into the model. Maybe in the future, if Aerosoft decides to make additional models or Service Pack(s), these things could be included.
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