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  1. I use full screen. And I only clicked on the PFD in the VC to open the 2D panel. Then it crashed.
  2. Just tried a flight. Crashed when clicking on the PFD to bring up the 2D panel. I had the "Create minidumps on crashes" option in the CRJ manager selected but it did not create a dump file in the P3Dv4 main folder...
  3. Yes, I'm running ChasePlane. (Which doesn't cause CTDs with any other add-on aircraft on my system). The sim is P3Dv4.2.
  4. Hi Mathijs, I'm using Prepar3d v4.2 and Windows 10 Professional (english version). As I said, when preparing the aircraft on the ground, I do click on the pop-ups every once in a while and they work fine. I have to resize them as I'm using a triple monitor setup which means the dimensions are completely wrong, when popping them up for the first time (which is P3D/FSX problem and happens with all aircraft). However, after opening and closing them a couple of times, I get CTDs. Up to this point it only happened when popping up the PFD. It tried to use only the co-pilot's PFD on my last flight, but also got a CTD. I have a very well maintained P3D as I would regard myself as a real power user who does have a deeper understanding of the inner workings, file structure, etc. of P3D. And I have various other add-ons (e.g. PMDG planes, FSL bus, Majestic Q400) where I don't have problems with CTDs when popping up the gauges. Hope this helps. Best regards
  5. Hi, I get CTDs when I click on the PFD to open the 2D pop-up. The event viewer shows a kernelbase.dll error. The CTD does not happen with any click. I can click it mutliple times and then all of a sudden in midflight, when I try to open the 2D popup again, then it crashes. Is this a known problem? Thanks for your help! PS: I don't have CTDs with any other add-on aircraft.
  6. Thanks for this great update. Love this livery. One question: Would it be possible to do a (fictional) variant which has the "Siegerflieger" lettering after the "Fanhansa" just like the 747 in real life has? Or a (fictional) Alaska Airlines repaint of the A319...
  7. A fictional Alaska Airlines repaint for any of the A32X would be really nice...
  8. Would love to see a fictional Alaska Airlines repaint...
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