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  1. Hi, I installed MFS last week on my old PC. This week, I will build a new machine and want to transfer MFS to this new PC. How can I do that? Is there a need to uninstall on the old PC first? Can I then reinstall via the Microsoft Store on the new PC? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks and regards
  2. Hi, when installing from the DVDs, I get the following error right on the first DVD. How can I fix this? Best regards
  3. Thanks for this great update. Love this livery. One question: Would it be possible to do a (fictional) variant which has the "Siegerflieger" lettering after the "Fanhansa" just like the 747 in real life has? Or a (fictional) Alaska Airlines repaint of the A319...
  4. A fictional Alaska Airlines repaint for any of the A32X would be really nice...
  5. Would love to see a fictional Alaska Airlines repaint...
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