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  1. Hello, If possible : - Volumetric propellers - Better transition between Feather mode and full. If needed I can do a video comparison to explain what I mean. - Realistic Propeller spinning action during Engine start up and shut down (Something close to what Majestic Software offers). Currently it's far too quick and not realistic enough - Better paintkit (closer to what other developpers have to offer than what is currently presented) - Customization. For example, the Twin Otters I'm used to can have different seating options or even fans in the Cockpit. Would be nice to have something more that just the same thing. I like this idea of asking what the customers would also like to see improve ! Kind Regards, Brandon
  2. Sorry but if the EFB doesn't propose any Performance calculator (a bit like TOPCAT) and if it doesn't provide any QRH or any kind of manuals for the appropriate aircraft, it's just not a real EFB to me. Also, I rather have it in my aircraft virtualy than imagine my tablet magically being in the aircraft.
  3. Auckland is already being made. And no one said it was Aerosoft decision, it can be an external developer for all I know. Don't forget that Aerosoft is also a reseller and if you ain't happy about it, that's fine by me but don't kill the joy for the rest of us thanks :D.
  4. I don't have UTX but FTX and already tried it out.. didn't work
  5. Hello, Yes I tried it with it being enable and disable. Still no luck, and please don't forget that I also have FTX England
  6. Hello there ! I've already tried your method and unfortunitely it did not work sorry
  7. Already am asking them but I doubt it's really from their side EDIT: But thanks for all the help anyways, you are more reactive then the developper himself
  8. That's how it's presented in my scenery library
  9. Global is installed aswell, I'll try what you proposed and give feedback !
  10. Didn't work for me still have some problems. I forgot to mention that I have FTX England
  11. Hey Nick, Did that and it didn't work. Forgot to check manualy if it really was off though.
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