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  1. I have the EXACT same thing happening. Is anyone able to help with this? It is at Terminal 3 Gates 332 and 334
  2. I am personally interested in ALL of the AAL liveries. I worked for AWA, USAIR and now I work for AAL.
  3. Just had the same things happen to me taking of from LHBP. This was only using a FLEX of 52 for the A320 IAE. I had to advance throttles to the TOGA detent to get enough power for TO. The RWYS at LHBP are more than long enough and my aircraft was more than light enough for a derated TO.
  4. There are 3 separate links for United A319 IAE variants in the livery section.
  5. Anyone know how this would be caused? At CRZ altitude, the rudder and elevators are stuck in a full deflection position. my pedals and joystick are calibrated. And the plane is flying normally so its just a visual problem
  6. I love them. I have only one small complaint. As the 2nd largest operator of A319 (behind only easyjet) I disappointed that this was the only released livery for AAL. There are only 2 others from 3rd party painters. AAL uses the IAE (quite a few in heritage livery) and non sharklet CFM and IAE. But there are NO IAE to be found i did post a repaint request for them but honestly that thread seems quite dead. No one is really replying to any requests in there. this saddens me. Other than that you all did a great job thus far with the aircraft and i look forward to the 320 and 321
  7. Holgi, Would you please consider painting the new Airbus Professional series in American AIrlines livery? I realize that there is the CFM Sharklet and non sharklet repaints available but there is NO IAE variant with and without the SATCOMM dish. There is no availability of the AAL/USAIR heritage A319s either. It would be great to have them in my hangar again. I say again because they had at one time been available from other painters but are now no longer available.
  8. Is anyone planning on the A319 in American Airlines colors using IAE engines? Once upon a time John Glanville had several posted but it seems those files are gone. The AAL A319 heritage liveries would be a welcome edition as well. Thanks in advance!!
  9. Grayal

    Voice Sets

    in some cases numbers are being read simultaneously like baro altitude 29.92 the 9 and the 2 are played at the same time.
  10. well i got the regular CFM model to work in terms of all covered in textures but missing the _S textures it looks strange. Also I could have sworn that someone painted the American Airlines A319 with IAE engines as well as the heritage liveries. Where did they go?
  11. which model is which though? I work for American Airlines and we have retrofit a great many of our Airbus fleet to have the SATCOMM bubble on the top but the old AAL repaints do not have this ergo the textures have different names. I have also noticed that the old repaints are missing the _S textures. I tried to install the AAL CFM and IAE variants using the satcomm model and the rear half the plane is black. Is this possible to remedy or do we need to wait for new repaints to become available?
  12. Grayal

    Warning msg??

    What does the msg NO PED signify?
  13. but cant i select the folder manually and expect navigraph to work?
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