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Does anyone know what happened to the Norwegian A320 Sharklet(LN-AES) livery? I don't recall if it came with the A320 extended(think it did) or what. But, I can't find it anywhere. Thank you.

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As DetCord already pointed out your request elsewhere , in the downloads section there is an A321 IAE NEO available . According to the information I had at the time I painted it , it is not a " legacy " aircraft and is not marked as such .

The A321 CFM was not in the American fleet and all are legacy aircraft and although if not already painted in the new livery , will be at some time in the future . The A321 CFM NEO is a " work of fiction " as we ( DetCord and myself ) have no information if the sharklets will ever be added to the real aircraft .

The repaints in the download section were made for the Airbus Extended but do work in the " new " Airbus and information on how to convert the textures has been given here in the forum .

I am still installing the new version along with my repaints so am quite busy myself at this time .

if installed with the Livery Manager into the new Airbus add " SHARKLETS " ( without the quotation marks ) to the line model = in the aircraft.cfg .


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Thanks gents.

This was another personal project just to see what the livery looked like on the Bus. A few people wanted it so here it is.



Following your fantastic repaint of the A318 - I decided to do flybe colours on the A321 NEO - Hope you dont feel like im stepping on your toes - so to speak


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