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  1. Thank you for the update of Zurich Airport. But a small question: Is there a reason why you added the new intersections B7 and L7 but not E1 and E2? Regards Joël
  2. I would be grateful for a short feedback. Thank you very much!
  3. Is an update for customers with umlauts planned in the future? I don't dare to rename the user folder, because there will probably be a lot of other problems afterwards ...
  4. Wäre schön einen hochqualitativen Repaint der aktuellen Edelweiss Air Bemalung zu erhalten! Regards Joël (The photo is of myself)
  5. The Edelweiss Air HB-JHQ (with the current livery) would be very nice for christmas holiday flights 😍 (I took the picture myself.)
  6. Same problem here. Looks like a Problem with "Sonderzeichen". C:\Users\Joël\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX EFB\A330
  7. Hi It's a really great livery! Unfortunately I have some unuseal markings on the wing and the tail. Is it possible to correct it? Thank you very much and regards Joël
  8. really great livery, but the easyJet logo is at the false position. The first (e) respectively the last (t) letter is above the first window.
  9. Hi An easyJet Switzerland Airbus A319 in the new livery would be very nice. For example the HB-JYK. https://www.planespotters.net/airframe/Airbus/A319/HB-JYK-easyJet-Switzerland/LnRlTgZ1 Thank you very much and regards Joël
  10. ... 8 people and no reaction of the aileron and elevator (sidestick and the cross on the PFD are moving)
  11. Hi, An Airbus A320 in the new Edelweiss Air livery would be very nice. As example: HB-IHY "Blüemlisalp" https://www.planespotters.net/photo/729258/hb-ihy-edelweiss-air-airbus-a320-214 Thank you very much, Regards Joël
  12. Hi, A swiss version of the new easyJet livery would be very nice . easyJet Switzerland Airbus A319 HB-JYL Thank you very much! Regards from Switzerland Joël
  13. Josu

    Gute Tag Holgi


    Es währe super toll wenn Sie bei irgend einer Gelegenheit mal die neue Edelweiss Air Bemalung repainten könntest :D


    Airbus A320 HB-IHY "Blüemlisalp"




    Danke viel viel mal!


    Liege Grüsse


  14. Hi Thw new Edelweiss livery would be very nice Airbus A320 HB-IJU "Blüemlisalp" Thanky for all great liveries! Joël
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