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  1. Helsinki works just fine on P3DV4 but it's more and more outdated as days pass.
  2. PED means portable electronic devices. For the updater, take a look here http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/137271-aerosoft-updater-a-picture-guide/
  3. Downgrading updater to 1.1.4 did the trick here also
  4. Uninstall, disable antivirus and install again with admin should do the trick. That virus alarm is false anyway.
  5. Have you copied default texture.cfg from the default AS livery into your addon livery folder? I had this same problem with old texture.cfg. that came with older liveries. Got it working with older liveries.
  6. It shouldn't even be on when certain criteria is not fulfilled. -> landing gear down position or flaps extended etc. The nav/logo switch controls only the nav and nav backup, logo light works when it should be working. Dont know yet how this is modelled in this new bus, earlier version had the logo light constantly on when navlights were on...
  7. In RL that nav/logo switch has 3 positions for off/nav 1 on/nav2 on (backup 2nd set of bulbs for nav lights) Won't have an effect on logo light as it is controlled by other things also.
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