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  1. There are THREE entries with [FLTSIM=0]. The first entry [FLTSIM=0] is correct , the next should read [FLTSIM=1] , the next [FLTSIM=2] . Check that each entry adds the next consecutive number for [FLTSIM=??] .
  2. You are missing the entry [fltsim.2] all others are being ignored . You will have to manually renumber from [fltsim.3] for all entries .
  3. Dear sir, I loss repaint of Cambodia Angkor Air due to my HDD dead.But I can't download it anymore. Hope you can reupload it. Thank you very much!

    1. alxc5


      Dear Baltalon, I am also looking for an A321 IAE Cambodia Angkor Air livery, have you found one? I saw John Glanville's awesome work on the repaint request forum, but sadly all links are still broken... Cheers!


    2. Baltalon


      I loss all... KHV is my old company... So sorry :(

  4. Sorry do not agree with this statement . I have stated before and do so again that repaints made for other versions are still valid for this version . The reason is simple , the only changes made to the paint kit since the Airbus X from 2010 are the VC textures and the addition of the sharklet models I was able to install ALL of my paints from the previous version ( installed in P3D V3 ) . Simply made backups using the Livery Manager ( for P3D V3 ) and installed them using the Livery Manager for P3D V4 ( this changes the texture.cfg automatically ) . Yes , there is some WORK involved
  5. What happen to the Aer Lingus A319?


    1. John Glanville

      John Glanville

      Sorry to disappoint you but my liveries are no longer available . It was not a decision I took lightly with some 240 liveries and almost 100000 downloads . I was simply " underwhelmed " by the support I received not just from Aerosoft but also the very forum members who ( seemed to have ) agreed with the actions taken by Aerosoft .


      I recently opened this topic :




      This later turned out to be a misunderstanding on my part . I remedied this by apologising to the person concerned in the open forum ( instead of privately ) and also uploaded reworked textures and an additional 2 new liveries .

      If you take the time to read this thread you will see that other issues came to light that only made everything worse . Aerosoft decided to remove two of the most popular airline livery sets ( American - one of which had more than 13500 downloads for just one registration and SAS - the entire Airbus fleet ) made by DetCord and myself without even asking our permission to do so . Simply put , if I was planning to remove my paints why would I be uploading improved liveries and additional paints .

      I was at the time active in the forum still making liveries by request including entire fleets and read the posts on a daily basis but now I see no reason for " contributing " anything here unless an apology is given ( not just to myself ) and that all painters are given the recognition and status they deserve ( instead of just one ) .


      Before being able to reply to the topic above it was locked so I started this thread :




      Even after stating that I had no intention of removing any repaints ( and expecting that the American and SAS liveries would be re-installed on the server ) , it seems that a small minority took it upon themselves to start downvoting every post I made for whatever reason without being brave enough to actually tell me what they " disagreed " with . Even now ( one month later , these posts are still being downvoted ) . I was however disappointed to discover that no one chose to comment in a positive manner or show any support as to what happened . It seems that people are thinking I only painted the Bus for " free stuff " , the only problem with that is I never asked for ( or was offered ) anything from Aerosoft for my repaints even though the American A321 ( N911UY ) is included in the product but Aerosoft " forgot " to include our names in the manual and we received absolutely nothing for it , although others have ( in the past ) received free copies for pointing out spelling / grammatical errors in the manuals or simply uploading a video . This made it perfectly clear that my input in the last 7 years wasn't worth that much ( if anything at all ) .

      This attitude led me to the conclusion that my only option was to remove ALL of my liveries ( some 240 ) myself as no one from the Aerosoft staff chose to make any kind of a reply to my posts and have in fact ignored them . With the sheer number of repaints involved I have no plans to upload anywhere else at this time due to the amount of work this would entail .


      You could post in the painters forum asking for the livery to be made , or if you were one of the people who " donated " to Holgi's new PC you could ask him ( and have every right to do so ) although he hasn't uploaded anything Airbus related since May 2016 .


      I could have just replied " NO " to your post but I feel it is important that you understand that it was definitely NOT my decision to remove anything in the first place , the " MISunderstanding " is all Aerosoft's doing , not mine .



  6. Thx for the VX repaints young man. They will be getting a new paint job starting next year, and the gradually leave the fleet. You are most excellent! Carry on!


  7. Just uploaded : http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/4489-airbus-a321-cfm-sharklets-virgin-america-n921va/ http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/4489-airbus-a321-cfm-sharklets-virgin-america-n921va/
  8. Being worked on at the moment . Should be ready in a day or so .
  9. You were not being rude to me personally but to painters in general . At the risk of repeating myself , your post contained the comment ... but not as accurate as the top painters ... If that is not being rude , then I do not know what is . You are asking if someone ( i.e. a painter ) is willing to fullfil a " request " , so there is no need to add the comment ( in red ) above . You criticised another painters work without even contacting them to ask if they would be able to add any details you found " missing " . Why would anyone be prepared to commit themselves to several hours of work only
  10. The screenshots I placed on the previous page ( page 50 post #1237 ) were in reply to post #1204 who also found it neccessary to comment on the QUALITY of previous EasyJet paints that were available . Such " comments " are counter productive ( not just im my eyes ) and hardly inspire anyone to paint something only for it to be discounted as " not accurate " or " low quality " . That I took the time to make those two repaints was to prove a point , if you had posted without the comment about the accuracy ( a missing winglet logo - which you didn't mention - hardly a showstopper ) , then who kno
  11. I really do wonder why I ( or any other painter - for that matter ) continue to waste my free hours / days / weeks / months making repaints for people who have such a high regard for the amount of " work " involved . This is now the second post asking for EasyJet paints but at the same time remarking on the " quality " of paints already available . Hardly a motivation point for anyone else thinking of starting an EasyJet paint is it ? Just be thankful that a painter " attempted " to please you ( at NO cost ) , only for it to be dismissed as " not accurate " . I myself spent a
  12. Funny that , some people have been waiting hours , days, weeks , months and even years for easyJet paints and four arrive . Here's one that could have been , easyJet's latest addition to the fleet .
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