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  1. No. Not even sure how I would go about turning it off. Nevermind i fixed it. My version was still 1.8.1 not 1.8.3. Once i installed 1.8.3 then i got the option to run the updater. Sry Thanks!
  2. Yeah Tom unfortunately the AutoUpdate isn't running when you open SimStarter.
  3. Just opened it up. Not autoupdating. Do i need to prompt it?
  4. I know this has been mentioned several times by the devs here on the forums about the FBW being linked to FPS. But just curious if this was the case with the Airbus in P3D v3. I would suffer the 1-2 second sim pause in v3 and then everything would continue just fine. The Airbus was not effected one bit and was actually one of the more stable aircraft than my other payware. Is there no way around this with the Airbus Pro? Because the sim pause is kind of a fact of life for many P3D users or the occasional dip in FPS. Especially since many run AI, weather engines, addon scenery, etc, etc.
  5. While I understand the difference between the two install methods, i just thought for second maybe someone knew that there might be a problem area outside the Client. For 4.3, I updated Client and Content but not Scenery. I doubt that the Scenery component is causing this issue. My sim runs perfectly fine currently except this issue at cruise with the A319. I already did the Client uninstall/reinstall last night but I will do the same for Content and Scenery. Or are you talking removing everything and use the Setup application? Most guides, including LM's, I have read advise to use the component installers.
  6. Any reason for full install? Why would i need Content and Scenery?
  7. I'm still getting the porpoising, extreme climb and loss of control with Active Sky off. As another user mentioned when i did a flight with the A318 this did not occur. My FPS is well above 30. Flying route KBWI to KBNA. I guess i will try the client reinstall and airbus reinstall.
  8. Agreed. Did a flight where FPS was held between 20-30 easily but midflight cruise alititude the Airbus still did a porpoise effect for a minute. I had a feeling it may be Active Sky but more with the turbulence effect. But as mentioned above and by others responses its probably the injection of the weather. Especially now with dynamic clouds and weather in v4.3 it may be affecting the system when it injects the new weather scheme. Unfortunately no one wants to fly in unrealistic weather so unsure of the workaround. Extend the injection timing? Guess we'll have to ask HiFi.
  9. I currently have this problem but i narrowed it down to injection of AI. When i enter say New York airspace (always quite congested) the sim injects more AI. It takes a few seconds for Traffic Optimizer to catch up and eliminate them. In this few seconds though the FPS drops to single digits and the Airbus goes haywire. I did the tutorial and turned off AI. Very little fluctuation. Only a small fluctuation on a approach to Heathrow but I think that was because of FTX ENG autogen, UK2000 heathrow and a decent cloud cover. Guess it will just be lonely airports and skies when flying the bus. But certainly not AS's issue.
  10. Had to recalibrate in FSUIPC. Windows and P3D calibrate didn't fix it. All good now. But didn't have to do this for previous AS Airbus in v3. Just a heads up for others.
  11. Reached the Flight Control checklist item for moving the sidestick. I moved the sidestick (my joystick as well) in all directions. All inputs work correctly and show up on FCTL display and also show correctly on outside view the actual physical movement of ailerons, elevators and rudder. BUT the Move Sidestick Left part of the menu did not progress nor did it run thru the voice commands. I skipped the item. And the checklists moved on but the Move Sidestick Left still showed on MCDU and Infobar. As the checklists progressed the new items just overlayed on top of the Move Sidestick Left. I can upload a video to youtube if that helps. Image below shows the overlay.
  12. Same issue but Quattrofanatic suggestion worked with the switching to Taxi state then back to C&D. i had default c&d on loading aircraft.
  13. Hans- KDCA to KCLT - SCRAM3 LYH CHSLY3 Unsure of position when it crashed but it was on the arrival since I realized the wind was different and needed to select a different runway.
  14. Just had the same CTD. Flying into KCLT. Tried to change the runway from ILS 05 to ILS 36C. When i clicked on 05 in FMS all the runways disappeared. Hit the button a few more times and CTD. Unfortunately no appcrash report. But sounds exactly like OP's issue.
  15. Any chance someone is/could do these from WOW Air?
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