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  1. Steve, that's the wrong One World logo. AMR changed it when they moved to the new livery and American sent it to us along with the other materials when we where doing their new liveries for the Bus. I made a version for ya here though.
  2. Yeah mate, I felt that having the mid section of the fuse bare wasn't going to work, so I added a fake type of logo. The vert stab on your 74 looks great. Really adds to the overall livery.
  3. There was talk about a 3F variant some time back but nothing ever came of it, for obvious reasons. I mean its payload cap would be around the same as the 7F, so it doesn't serve much purpose as is. Still, I wondered what one would look like so I spent a few minutes doing one. This was actually done for the CS T7 as I had already done several LH liveries for it and because the exterior modeling is superior to that of PMDG. Of course that comes at a cost of performance. Might have to toss it on the PMDG 773 just to see what it looks like now that you mention it. I can't even recall the last time I did anything for a heavy or PMDG. I guess it would be the proposed C-77 that was canned by the DoD and a request for a LH livery. But other than those, I think that's it.
  4. DISCLAIMER - This livery features 32bit textures, the first I've ever done. Make sure you have the appropriate hardware necessary for displaying these textures.
  5. really like your royal norwegian/jetnorge repaints!!


    any chance you might consider pmdg 747v3 in royal/jetnorge??


    nice work!



  6. Mr DetCord,


    I wanted to take a minute and not be a taker of your work (for once. I wanted to be a giver A giver of praise for a job well done. I don't fly many corporate variants. But I have all of your Virgin Little Red Liveries. They are just brilliant.

    I post screenshots of my flghts around social media and I will be sure to credit you for them as and when I use them,

    Congratulations on a job well done!


    1. DetCord


      Thanks mate. However, I haven't done any Virgin liveries. You're probably thinking of John?

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