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  1. Steve, that's the wrong One World logo. AMR changed it when they moved to the new livery and American sent it to us along with the other materials when we where doing their new liveries for the Bus. I made a version for ya here though.
  2. really like your royal norwegian/jetnorge repaints!!


    any chance you might consider pmdg 747v3 in royal/jetnorge??


    nice work!



  3. Mr DetCord,


    I wanted to take a minute and not be a taker of your work (for once. I wanted to be a giver A giver of praise for a job well done. I don't fly many corporate variants. But I have all of your Virgin Little Red Liveries. They are just brilliant.

    I post screenshots of my flghts around social media and I will be sure to credit you for them as and when I use them,

    Congratulations on a job well done!


    1. DetCord


      Thanks mate. However, I haven't done any Virgin liveries. You're probably thinking of John?

  4. Copyrighted image removed. There are legal ramifications to doing so, and Aerosoft is legally liable.
  5. Man, I would really appreciate if you could the new Azul (Brazilian Airline) A320neo livery, so far there's only one that doews not works with all versions. 




  6. Can you paint this new livery of Vietnam Airlines sir? Please. Thanks in advise!



  7. can you make the new frontier airlines liveries for the a320 and a321

    Absolutely stunning work mate! http://i.imgur.com/mYn7MZ0.png
  8. Hey DetCord look at this page are templates so you can make VUELING there are many textures could do some thanks !!



  9. nice a319 air new zealand

    I was looking for this one. Very well done. Many thanks Holgi!
  10. I have the exact same problem with screenshot uploads here. They're blurry and rescaled to thumbnail size.
  11. Hi....

    any chance you could change the engines to a CFM variant for me please...??

    Thank you

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    2. Easy Pilot

      Easy Pilot

      Hi DetCord...

      apols for delay...

      you made an RAF version of A320 with IAE engines...

      any chance of the CFM variant ??


      Thank you


    3. DetCord


      I did a RAF 321, not a 320. Is that what you're talking about?

    4. Easy Pilot

      Easy Pilot

      either or would be appreciated in a cfm version




    Outstanding mate, looks beautiful! Many thanks.
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