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This is a fictional livery created for a SimHQ member and pilot for a Southwest VA that was considering a Airbus purchase for his virtual airline. Uploaded for posterity.



Airbus A318 HOP! Air France F-HBLV (fictional).



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hi all

French Newbee, i'm lookinf for a repaint for 320/321 with AIR FRANCE for the last 320/321 version.

I'm trying to make it from PSD paintkit downloaded with the plane but it seems to be more difficult for me

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance

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EDIT : It was brought to my attention that the VC textures were not correct . This was due to my using the " dark VC textures " mod . Now corrected . Will be checking my recent uploads to Aerosoft for any further problems .

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Feel the difference with the new SPIRIT VA www.spiritvirtual.com

Hi folks we´re really glad to introduce our brand new Virtual Airline .... SPIRIT VA.. Months of hard work makes our dream come true.. :)
We operate the real schedules of Spirit and their real fleet: Airbus A319 - A320 -A321 and the historical MD-82..
Our website has a new and fresh image like the real spirit with the Yellow logo..
web hope you can be part of this airline, because if you´re a Airbus or MD lover this is your place to be :)
Our intention is to get the IVAO and Vatsim Certification.. Thats the reason why we´re looking for pilots.
Thanks for your attention and we hope you join us....
Ruben Font
Spirit Virtual CEO
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