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Aerosoft Aircraft - A330 Preview

Mathijs Kok
Message added by Tom,

Aerosoft A330 Preview


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  • Deputy Sheriffs
2 hours ago, Til1986 said:

I have a question about the A330. Will it be easiert to bring the A330 to msfs being the later developed aircraft in p3d or is that a wrong asumption? 

P.s. I know you want to bring the A320/A321 to the sim first. 

System Code is shared by A330 and A32S. So no big difference.

Models will be for both from scratch. So also no big difference.

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  • Root Admin

At this moment we actually have not fully decided what model we do first. Strange as it sounds, it makes sense as the systems are made for all models at the same time (they only have different config files) and those will be time constraining factor in this project. When Anne and JaeEon are done with the Twin Otter they will jump on the Airbusses.

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Great work, looks nice and I'm sure it will be on par with your previous efforts. Agreeing with some sentiments from others, I agree that the FBW A320 is indeed a great community mod, but because there's not a full time aspect of the team members it's always going to be a bit more questionable than Aerosoft that is already a large established company/development team. Also you have to take into account that the FBW is mostly a modification rather than a whole new aircraft, and not even the same aircraft at that. It's not simply enough for there just to be an A320neo in the sim and that's it done with. What about all the already existing liveries for the Airbus ceo aircraft for example. Isn't saying that Aerosoft should focus on the A330 instead of working on the 'already existing' NEO a bit like saying that PMDG shouldn't have released the -600, 700 and -900 expansion for their 737, and FSLabs not releasing any expansions to the A320 package for example. The flight sim community thrives on competition and that's how developers are inspired to keep improving!


That's just my two cents anyway! Looking forward to the release, however long it may be off!

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Please keep the buttons as they are in the P3dV when developing the buses for the MSFS2020.
If the cockpit of the MSFS2020 is moving, e.g. when turning, setting the FCU (HDG, ALT ---) is very, very difficult, especially since a text is always displayed.
If the mouse is next to it, the ZOOM is activated.
I find this solution more than wrong.
Thanks CFG874 Bernd


Bitte behalten sie bei der Entwicklung der Busse für den MSFS2020 doch die Bedienung der Knöpfe so wie sie im P3dV sind.
Wenn beim MSFS2020 das Cockpit sich bewegt z.B. beim Kurvenflug, ist eine Einstellung der FCU  ( HDG, ALT --- ) sehr sehr schwierig, zumal auch noch jedesmal ein Text eingeblendet wird. 
Ist man mit der Maus daneben wird der ZOOM aktiviert. 
Ich finde diese Lösung mehr als falsch.
Danke CFG874 Bernd

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Great to find these good news on the Aerosoft Airbusses!


One thing I immediately want to ask: Please keep an eye on usability in VR.


It's a killer application of flight simulation, and to me it looked like the P3D busses did not have the VR application much in focus (e.g. 3rd MCDU as panel to move around in the VR cockpit, default setting that view focus is following checklist items which causes nausea, etc.). When planning the application, please consider that VR pilots are bound to reach all functionality by either applying knobs and buttons inside of the VR cockpit or by bindings to Joystick buttons.


It would be great if the documentation would finally have an own section on how to best run the busses in VR.

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On 31.1.2021 at 14:13, AVFC sagte:


  • Popup displays (PFD, ND, MCDU) width/height ratio locked and based on monitors ratio (eg. 21:9 format).
  • EFB with on/off function.
  • Aircraft options user interface on EFB rather than on 3'rd MCDU.
  • Throttle, spoiler, flap axis fine tweaking options on EFB.
  • Takeoff and Landing data performance calculator on EFB.
  • User defined 'AIRCRAFT STATE'.
  • T.O. Config CABIN....CHECK blue to green when cabin call is activated on overhead panel.        
  • INIT REQUEST* function active on INIT A page.
  • VPilot integration on EFB or MCDU (that would be cool).
  • A320 family NEO option
  • A320/A321 freighter option (P2F)
  • A330-300F option



I fully agree: No that an EFB is available, there would be a perfect place for aircraft options instead of a 3rd MCDU. And also vPilot would be best placed here.

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https://youtu.be/mg9BElY8jps?t=183 (landing compilation vid linked at appropriate time)

Could we have the appropriate landing animation of the A320 as a first in a sim? :D I've never seen the "sitting-down" (03:08) effect done. Nor much animation of the undercarriage in any case. Most of the times it looks like you're landing a log. I'll keep hoping.


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The most complete and most accurate airplane for me is the Airbus A330 professional from Aerosoft. I love to see it in MSFS2020. If you can't make a choice for the next aircraft on you development list, i'll like to help you Mathijs:  I'll vote for it, 12 points!


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  • Deputy Sheriffs
2 hours ago, John2 said:

Have you ever considered doing an A220?

It was first asked about over two years ago in the request thread as shown below. I'll guess you're aware that it it's an Airbus in name only as it originally started life as a project by Bombardier Aerospace of Canada and was later picked up by Airbus. So little if anything can be ported over from the A3xx product this thread is about.


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