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  1. Hey everybody, not sure whether this has been answered yet, but my search in this forum was unsuccessful. First of all, the project looks really good! Keep up the great work! So here is my question: new versions of the A330-300 have a moving airport map in their navigation display (much like the A350 or the 787). Will this be included in the addon?
  2. Ups, sorry! I don't really know why German slipped out there What I wanted to say was: I looked everywhere in the forum but couldn't find anything about the following here (if somebody already asked the same thing I'm sorry): I would really enjoy an A330neo update some time for the A330x. I already love the A330ceo but I find the Neo looks even a tad better
  3. Ich habe das Forum durchsucht und leider nichts dazu gefunden (falls also schon jemand etwas dazu geschrieben hat tut es mir leid). Ich weiß auch, dass dies kein offizielles Forum ist und dass das Flugzeug welches ich vorschlagen werde noch keinen Erstflug absolviert hat, aber ich würde mich über einen A330neo freuen - vielleicht irgendwann als update des A330x. Ich finde schon der 330 ist ein tolles Flugzeug, aber mit den neuen Triebwerken und Flügeln sieht er einfach noch besser aus
  4. I would also LOVE to see the Cseries done by Aerosoft. I have been reading into the plane a lot lately and I just think it is a fabulous work of engineering done there. I also has some characteristics to it that make it quite interesting for the simulation world (like the fact that it can fly regional routes but also can fly across the Atlantic with a range of 6112 km - just to name one). If I would create an airline I think I would definitely want the Cseries in my fleet. On the other hand I of course know that it is a very new aircraft and that not that many figures are know yet so I think that it might stay a dream for a couple of years but we'll see... and one can still keep dreaming (that Aerosoft has contacts to some people at Bombardier having made the CRJ?), right?!
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