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  1. I would really love a rendition of Braunschweigs Airport (EDVE). I know it is a small airport in Germany but I think it could be quite interesting because it is Germany's and I think Europes biggest research airport. Many of DLR's (German aerospace center) airplanes are based there (like an A320/ a Falcon 2000x/ a Do 228/ a Cessna Caravan and a glider). Also the airport is often serviced by TUIs 737-800 or some coperate flights for VW (Wolfsburg is right next to the airport). As you might notice it is a small but very special airport and I would love if you'd decide to recreate it... pretty please 🙂
  2. Are the systems already being worked on in parallel and do you think there will be things that you could model in the 330 in p3d that you won't be able to do in MSFS (except for the WX radar)?
  3. Thank you... now I can already plan some routes ...
  4. Thank you for the quick reply. The sceenshot showed that it actually works with the weather in the sim, right? Crazy amount of detail...
  5. Simply stunning! Can I ask you a question: I have never been to Brussels Airport, what is that traffic light for?
  6. This progress looks fantastic. I can't wait to fly this bird in the sim. May I ask you what version of the 330-300 you guys model? How much fuel can it carry? And maybe a special question you have to say no to: Can I see a pic of the beautiful 330 nose in sim? Pretty please? Keep up the great work!
  7. Thank you for the previews. It does look great. Keep up the good work! Wishing you a smooth further development 🙂 P.s. You'd make my day with a picture of that beautiful A330 nose 😉
  8. Is development going fast since you already developed the 330 before or does the new plattform minimize this advantage?
  9. Are you guys already also working on the systems or just the model? BTW the previews look great!
  10. Can you use some of the code of the p3d version for the msfs version? I read in a pmdg forum that they actually test their planes for msfs in p3d first so there must be some kind of possibility to port over, right?
  11. Looking really good! Are you guys also already working on the systems or just the modeling?
  12. It really does look amazing! Can't wait. I read in this forum that VDGS will be included in all aerosoft airports. Is there a list with the aerosoft airports that have VDGS?
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