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  1. Ah well. im Sure the Aer Lingus will appear online soon after.
  2. Im just guessing some of the big ones but id include Cathay, Turkish and Hawaiian. I hope the Green EI is included seeing as EI actually operate with 2 liveries rather than transitioning from one to the other.
  3. Banking on: Aer Lingus(Green) Air Canada Swiss Delta KLM Air Berlin Air France Edelweiss
  4. I'm the same. Id like a few cabin sounds like the passengers boarding etc but thats about it.
  5. I cant wait for this, it looks fantastic! My only worry is not getting time to fly. Since becoming a father my time is limited. I haven't even flown the Fenix yet! And as fantastic as these developers are, i don't think there much you can do for that! Last summer what i was doing was getting up a hour earlier while working from home, Taking off just before 8 and landing either at lunch or after 5. I may have to go back to this!
  6. There is one in development. Check through FS Elite to find the article. I'm not sure how detailed its going to be but i remember them saying Q4. I still think A321 Neo is the next AS project but i still vote for A350.
  7. I think the model is largely complete the last update was.
  8. Cabin sounds for me are more important than textures.
  9. Is it a viable idea do you think? On reflection, are Aerosoft a bit hesitant on cargo aircraft?
  10. Has there been any further discussion on the A330F? Maybe do the passenger plus the freighter as an expansion or a the freighter as the main and the passenger as the expansion if that makes sense? Like the way TFDI are doing the MD-11.
  11. I did always wonder about the fuel pumps! Glad i know that now
  12. My colleagues Brother is an A330 FO. he does not use any home simulation but he is going to ask his other colleagues.
  13. Just back from holidays so catching up and feasting my eyes on these fantastic images!!!!
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