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  1. Brilliant! For me MSFS is only Prop and VFR. Auto pilot only Altitude and heading, Usually fully manual landings and P3D for the Boeing and Airbus. Im quite happy to carry on like that but im not sure how much longer ill avoid having to go from V4 to V5. Really looking forward to flying from Donegal to the Scottish Highlands or Okha to Khavarosk in Russia in the Twotter
  2. I actually just completed a search on the forum and there has been 8 or 9 other requests for cork airport
  3. Hi, I would like to suggest an Airport for MSFS/P3D. Cork Airport has only been developed once and that was on FSX. Its a simple but beautiful Airport that normally serves 48 destinations in 18 countries by Aer Linus, Ryanair, Wizz Air, KLM, Air France, Condor and FedEx. Dublin is always the pinnacle of everything and there is a lot more to Ireland than Dublin. I see Shannon has been completed for XP by Boundless but they will not be releasing it for any other platform. Thank you for taking time time to look into this
  4. Am i missing something here? Wasn't the very first post a shot of the A320 model? Not sure what the confusion is as to which model is coming first....
  5. While i dont have an answer to that, i do wish to add a question that say the suggested trim was 7.1 on the EFB, while it was actually 6.0, i tried to click nose up/dn on the yoke to match it but nothing changed. The button moved no problem but it stayed on 6.0 on the display
  6. Have the liveries been listed yet? 5 pages is enough to search through!
  7. Hi Guys, which Liveries will be included on launch?
  8. Which Quarter is this looking at if there is any such info?
  9. This usually would never be my type of Aircraft. But seeing as FS is so great now for GA flying, i'm more excited about this than the CRJ!
  10. I assume its a ridiculous question to ask which model will be first?
  11. I don't suppose the A330F model was ever contemplated as a paid extension for the base package?
  12. I always disconnect at 1500 feet anyway. I don't see the point in Autolanding.
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