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  1. Very nice, soooo how many pages will we reach this time? 😅
  2. Good morning and happy release day! 😊🎉🎉🎉
  3. Best guess will be installer just like airports wich finds the path itself
  4. Hans: 'Going for a wee, take the control' Mathijs: 'Okey....’ <door closes> Mathijs: ‘I should make a "Caption this competition" while waiting for Hans to get back’
  5. Grab some cheese and crackers and add some wine on the side and take the weekend now. its well deserved Mathijs!
  6. Getting very close to both release and page 200 now Im so ready for this with new pc and everything is nice and clean PS! Have a nice weekend to all of the AS team
  7. @Hans Hartmann have you thought about having wing condensation, engine condensation effects? I know its probably gimmicky but im just wondering 😊
  8. Whats the reason behind full reinstall btw? Is there any base issues with the new Hotfix on MSFS? 😊
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