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  1. In the newest development update from asobo (dont put too much hope into these words, I think even tho they sound like a dream, "very soon" is very likely missleading. Theres a reason its postponed and that reason is bigger than a couple weeks)
  2. Hab gehört der release wird verschoben weil es probleme mit dem Feueralarm System gibt
  3. well... this kinda breaks my heart, but I get it. Thanks for informing us about about it and best luck for the coming months Happy new year to everyone as well
  4. yup fully understand take ur time and have a look at the new stuff
  5. ok thats fair enough, if I made no mistake with the bank account ill wait patiently
  6. u can find tons of charts on navigraph and vatsim germany
  7. Hey, I bought Sim wings munich airport a day ago via payment in advance, but still dont have the download so Im getting worried. In the confirmation mail there was no info given to what account the transfer should go to, but I was guessing its the same as always so I transferred it over to the same account that was given in the cologne bonn purchase. Since the install should appear almost immediate apparently and its been 24hrs soon since the money is sent, Im pretty sure by now that it was a mistake. Could someone let me know what to do from here on? Thanks in advance
  8. Im kinda scared tbh, but to be fair Im not expecting a release this year anyways so I guess its fine either way
  9. **praying intensives** U have no idea how happy it would make me, but I understand that the team is probably under insane pressure right now and in the end we all want a high quality product as were used to by aerosoft, so no worries if it dosent make it
  10. I am the creator of this airport. However I already was advised to not go offtopic with this here so for any further questions send a pm. Back on track with the crj
  11. It wont come out before christmas since they still need asobo to support them with some stuff. It all depends on the next update on dec 22nd. Liveries will be revealed soon according to mathijs
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