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  1. Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone at Aerosoft! looking forward to seeing what you guys will be working on in 2021
  2. Well that's a shame, I too was really enjoying the openness from the developers here. In light of this news I see no other choice but to reduce my rate of thread refresh from every 30 minutes to every 35 minutes
  3. Well it's a fantastic mod nonetheless, and it really does make the game worth playing now in these early days of MSFS. But yes, it's going to be nice not worrying about every new patch locking you out from your favorite airplane for a week. The CRJ is going to be a complete game changer in that regard, a piece of stability in a rather chaotic game
  4. Oh wow, that's wonderful news. Majestics Q400 is such an excellent addon and I'm glad they're taking a look at MSFS And thanks for the manual, it looks great. I'll definitely be reading through it in anticipation for the release
  5. Hope you guys don't burn yourself out too much on this, I'm sure most of us have no issue waiting a few extra weeks, or even months. Though I understand that there are important financial deadlines that needs to be met as well. Either way thanks a lot for entertaining us with new screenshots and information nearly every day, It's an absolute pleasure following this project šŸ™‚
  6. Fantastic screenshots! Besides the manuals, could anyone recommend any other sources for learning the CRJ? Study books and such that you might be able to order online?
  7. Amazing screenshot! And a reminder that I need to go purchase Cologne/Bonn
  8. I suppose there's always the possibility for users to create their own mods by editing the cockpit texture files? Gotta have that ultra pink cockpit mod
  9. You say that, yet every day we get closer to release. Coincidence? I think not
  10. I've been a big fan of Asobo for many years, Plague Tale was an absolute masterpiece of a game and it saddens me how many people in the wider flight sim community talk of them. I don't think people realize how challenging a simulator like this must be to create from the ground up, even for a competent game studio with years of experience. I can only hope the developers at Asobo and Microsoft don't get too discouraged reading the forums. Anyway, thanks for more wonderful screenshots Mathijs and Hans!
  11. Repeatedly checking this channel for small updates has become part of my daily routine at this point
  12. Maybe it's related to the same reflection issues they're having with the cockpit glass panels, the reflection is too strong making the light too bright/wrong color
  13. It's probably my all time favorite addon airport, I'm waiting in anticipation for Jo's next Norwegian airport project. Hopefully it isn't too far away
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