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  1. The most complete and most accurate airplane for me is the Airbus A330 professional from Aerosoft. I love to see it in MSFS2020. If you can't make a choice for the next aircraft on you development list, i'll like to help you Mathijs: I'll vote for it, 12 points! Ad
  2. Hi. I tested all. But no result. Final step was to clean up and reset the iPad to the default setting as a new iPad: the ultimo test. No results! I think it is a browser issue!. The old iPad has IOS 9.3.5 This operating system is too old I think. Only Safari (old browser-version can by installed) All the other browser in the app-store say: 'your IOS version is to old'. The only way is to buy a new iPad (what i did) Grtz. Ad
  3. Thanks for you answer Mathijs, perhaps a display issue. Newer iPad display's are working fine. Grtz Ad
  4. Hi, i Use the server for the MCDU A330 prof. I see on my older ipad (Version 2.2) the MCDU Picture correct. In the cockpit A330 prof the CDU is reacting well at alle the keypresses on this iPad but ........ i don’t see any data in the CDU-mainscreen on the iPad. Server works good because all works fine on my iPhoneX and on an iPad pro. Is this because the old ipad is too old? (IOS version 9x) Strange!
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