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  1. Ah, ok. So, in this case, I again recommend considering an airplane configuration setting to let the users decide if they want to apply the settings MCDU as the right MCDU or as a third pop-out window MCDU.
  2. You mean one can already either use 2D pop-out window or the right MCDU in the VC as the settings MCDU? If this is the case, then I apologize, I did not find such alternative VC option yet in the Airbus Professional, also not in the documentation. Can you please give a hint how to find it?
  3. As far as I am informed, Aerosoft decided for the Professional version of the A320 family to implement the settings MCDU as a floating window because many users requested the right MCDU to be fully operational. This looks more realistic in the virtual cockpit and may be of interest for connected flightdeck, I guess. However, having an additional window floating around is not realistic at all. Moreover, if not using connected flight deck, a fully fledged right MCDU will probably remain unused in most flight simulator application cases for most of the time, while operating the settings MCDU is frequently required particularly during flight preparation phase. Latest when it comes to VR application, the floating window implementation of the settings MCDU gets disadvanategous. Using VR lenses (like in my case Oculus Rift with FlyInside), the pilot already needs to take care of several floating windows inside of the cockpit like e.g. a PDF viewer for charts and vPilot for ATC. Any additional floating window causes the cockpit getting overloaded. In contrast, having the settings MCDU been implemented as right MCDU in the old FSX version was an easiliy applicable way to get all settings tasks quickly done without compromising the immersion of a VR cockpit. I understand that there may be different groups of users with different requirements, some favoring the settings to be set in the right MCDU, some in a 3rd floating window MCDU. What I would like to suggest: If there are different needs, isn't this a topic for a plane configuration setting? I can imagine that, if users can select in the configurator where to access the settings MCDU, this will be the best way to handle this. This is what I want to ask your opinion about. And, if possible, I would like to see this implemented in SP1. Thanks!
  4. Hallo, etliche der nützlichen Checklists im A320 starten ja abhängig vom Flugstatus automatisch. Das hat jedoch zwei Nachteile: - Manchmal ist der Zeitpunkt nicht optimal, z.B. bei der After Take-off Checklist. Von einem "echten" Piloten wurde mir bestätigt, dass diese in der Regel erst abgearbeitet ist, wenn der initiale Steigflug komplett abgearbeitet und konfiguriert sowie der Funkverkehr mit Tower/Departure abgearbeitet ist. - Ich würde gerne selber drauf achten, dass ich daran denke, die entsprechenden Checklisten aufzurufen. In der Anleitung steht meines Wissens keine Angabe dazu, ob man den automatischen Start der Checklisten doch abschalten kann, so dass man die Checklisten komplett manuell starten könnte. Daher meine Frage: Gibt es diese Möglichkeit tatsächlich nicht? Herzlichen Dank!
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