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  1. One thing I want to add for A3xxx in VR: The printer implementation needs to be reconsidered. Currently, if you take up (click on) the printed sheet, it appears as a popout window somewhere outside of your VR cockpit and is also hard to read. Maybe there is a place closer to pilot's eyes to fix it on?
  2. This previous thread got closed before I could finally reply, therefore I add here. @ Hanse: You asked: "What is the problem if a checklist needs a little bit longer with thoise breaks than without?" In my understanding, a checklist is a flow like many things in the cockpit (e.g. checking all instruments when entering the cockpit). And I think that prior to v1.4.2.0 the CL already was perfectly implemented in this respect. The new 5-6 seconds of unmotivated pauses by the PnF before calling the next item interrupt this flow. As said, I use the CL for every flight, acting on the items myself (without the Copilot function), and I think this is close to the RL situation. With all the interrupts by PnF, I am frequently wondering if and when the PnF will call the next items or if the CL got stuck and I need to press "Skip item" (which happens from time to time). The 1-2 minutes CL delay are a lot in intensive flight periods like after-takeoff or final approach. It may be a matter of flavor, but I feel it mainly to be distracting. I fully understand your argument that a product cannot fullfil all individual wishes, but in my view the new pauses are a step away again (compared to previous implementation) from RL while in contrast the product tries to get closer to RL e.g. in terms of system depth. To more elaborate on my previous argument that the new PnF reading behaviour is not a natural way: - PnF completes after-takeoff checklist at 7000-8000 feet and then calls out transition altitude which was at 5000 feet already. This is not the way a CL should work - See these two RL examples (there will probably be more) of checklists, one takeoff checklist (at 4:50) and one landing checklist (at 12:20, also a nice example for the PM just taking his time once for dealing with other things). You notice the constant communication flow between PF and PnF. As said, I am not arguing to revert your CL implementation to the previous one, there may be users benefitting from the PnF pauses. But there may also be others who wish a more natural PnF reading behaviour. So, in my view a typical case for a user option (as in case of the new View Focus). But it seems that Aerosoft is currently not willing to take this up as a user option, so as you mentioned earlier that "there is always the chance to go back to the previous version", I would be thankful for a hint how I can install the A320 Pro version previous to
  3. Something else I found by chance: I read in older posts that others also had the issue of tilted horizon in VR. As a solution, you can press the Space bar + move the mouse up and down, similar to what you would do in non-VR to move the view point up and down. With this, you can adjust the view so that the horizon gets into horizontal perspective. TIP: The popout window of the 3rd MCDU in VR always stays horizontally aligned. So, if you move the 3rd MCDU window aside (see above how to do this), you can align the horizon to the horizontal edges of the 3rd MCDU.
  4. Hello, not sure if we talk completely about the same topic. 1st: Having checklists being read by the PM is a great feature, with our without using the Copilot function in addition. I use it for every(!) flight without Copilot function because it helps me to keep track of my procedures, and I think this is close to RL with PF and PM going through the checklists. In addition, I use it together with the Copilot function temporarily (switch the Copilot to 'on' when required) when workload gets heavy e.g. in some final approaches and particularly when in Vatsim I need to manage all communication and frequency changes in parallel (the first video I ever saw on running Aerosoft A320 in Vatsim, the pilot also used CL and Copilot the same way). As said, is't a great feature, not only for guiding new users through the panels. 2nd: The pauses under discussion in the new A320 Pro CL reading are not on the PF but on the PM. It's clear that PF will need few seconds after PM called a CL item. But once PF confirmed action or status, the PM waits another 5-6 seconds before reading the next item. With longer checklists of 10-15 items, this is 1-2 minutes of just waiting for the PM calling the next CL items. I do not think this is close to RL(?), it prolongs CL reading a lot, and it may be distracting. To me, these pauses of 5-6 secs by the PM until the next CL item do not really make sense, because, if after calling the next CL item the PF really needs some time for something else, he can then react on the CL item just a bit later (as it was the case in the FSX A320). But I will look deeper into this again and see if I can be more specific on certain scenarios.
  5. Or maybe even better: An option to define the length of the pauses between 0 and e.g. 9 seconds.
  6. I was also stumbling upon this new slow checklist processing with a newy installed A320 pro in P3D 4.5 compared to my old A320 in FSX. While I understand the motivation described in the thread cited above, I want to point out that this way, execution of the checklists is so slow that e.g the After Takeoff checklist is only completed once the airplane already passed the transition altitude of 5000 feet in EDDF. So, this mixes up procedures and also from the many pilot videos around on Youtube, I feel this slowliness isn’t really a natural thing happening in real life? So, I would also definitively vote for an option to add the 5-6 secs per CL item or not.
  7. I fully agree: No that an EFB is available, there would be a perfect place for aircraft options instead of a 3rd MCDU. And also vPilot would be best placed here.
  8. Great to find these good news on the Aerosoft Airbusses! One thing I immediately want to ask: Please keep an eye on usability in VR. It's a killer application of flight simulation, and to me it looked like the P3D busses did not have the VR application much in focus (e.g. 3rd MCDU as panel to move around in the VR cockpit, default setting that view focus is following checklist items which causes nausea, etc.). When planning the application, please consider that VR pilots are bound to reach all functionality by either applying knobs and buttons inside of the VR cockpit or by bindings to Joystick buttons. It would be great if the documentation would finally have an own section on how to best run the busses in VR.
  9. Ok, sorry that I found the solution myself just minutes after I placed the message above: The pushback is now in the GROUND SERVICES MCDU3 menu!
  10. Running through pre-flight configurations and checklists of a freshly installed A320 Pro (v1.4.2.0), I cannot get to the pushback: 3rd MCDU says I should "Follow GSX instructions" while I do not have GSX installed! Looking into the Checklist options I noticed that they look different to the documentation and that I do not have a possibility to (de-)select AES/GSX pushback: What's happening here? Where to switch from GSX pushback to the built-in A320 pushback procedure?
  11. Hi! Thanks again for the information above, I will look into this. For now, I have also something to share which I found elsewhere in this forum: For the dark 3rd MCDU at night, Shift-L does the job! 🙂 Sometimes the simple solutions are the best. This should definitively go into the A3xxx documentation of the 3d MCDU.
  12. Hi Felix, thanks for all your comments, highly appreciated. Great that you run the Airbuses already for a while, I hope I will come to this point, too. Tweaking the panel config file is definitely something I want to look into: P3D option "Panel Serialization" may allow to also store panel positions together with a scenario, but in my case with the 3rd MCDU this fails while loading back the scenario with a Deserializing error. While I found out in the meanwhile the important but undocumented panel translation along the Z axis in VR mode (LeftMouseDown + Shift + ScrollWheel), I would like to fix the panel position in the VR cockpit view. I notice that the Learning Center also describes a panel [color] feature, maybe this will help with the 3rd MCDU lighting issue (I need to stick to system time as I intend to fly in Vatsim). Maybe you can describe where to find the correct panel config file and what exactly you changed?
  13. Another update on a constant sound issue with A320 Pro in VR: After lots of testing, it seems like the A320 generates 2 distinct layers/channels of sound which are treated differently by Win 10. To get all A320 sound into your VR headset, therefore you need to change the speakers in both of the Win 10 settings: 1. A320 engine sounds (in addition to standard P3D sounds) are passed through the Win 10 volume/audio settings in the task bar: 2. All other cockpit/crew sounds are passed through the Win 10 system sound settings: So, to get all A320 sound into your VR headset, you need to toggle both switches. The Oculus Tray tool switches only the system sound device. This finding is specific to the Aerosoft A320 Pro, the P3D default planes only require to change one switch which can also be done by the Oculuis Tray Tool.
  14. @Peter Janowski: Hallo! Ich versuche das gleiche, A320 prof in P3D 4.5 mit Oculus Rift, scheitere aber leider beständig an der 3. Settings MCDU. Die lässt sich zwar ins VR Cockpit einblenden, lässt sich aber dort nur schwer positionieren bzw. bedienen. Und bei Dämmerung und in der Nacht wird das Display und die Buttons so dunkel und schwarz, das sie nicht mehr ablesbar ist. Siehe hier. Wie bekommst Du das hin? Ich beneide Dich, denn unter FSX bin ich schon den alten A320 (ohne 3. MCDU) in VR geflogen, und es ist wirklich großartig.
  15. Update: There is a way to move and resize any instrument panel in P3D native VR, it's described in the Learning Center, section Virtual Reality/Instrument Panels: However, I have another issue: The 3rd MCDU lighting depends on the daylight, it runs to complete black at night, see screenshots: Anybody observed this before? Is there a solution available? Thanks!
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