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Repaint requests (A318, A319, A320, A321)

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I would be happy if a RyanAir Liverie could be produced for the A318-321. Unfortunately I cannot offer self-made photos.
Best regards


P.s. There is a very old one, but it can no longer be installed on the current bus.

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someone interested in making this livery from Brussels Airlines, the Red Devil's paint?

thanks in advance



Please post links to such content instead, as stated clearly in the first post on every page of this topic. 




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Finnair CFMSAT -version.


During this year Finnair is installing SAT domes to all A319-321 aircrafts. Some of them are already installed (for example OH-LVI).



There are great repaints already to whole Finnair fleet, but these all are "before SAT dome -versions".


Maybe someone has knowledge how to correctly convert these to SAT dome versions? Instructions what to do or some update pack to download...


Tried to tweak this by myself (thought that it's only one white dome on the roof) and just changed the 'model = DAIBA' to 'model = CFMSAT' in aircraft.cfg.



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Didn't work so good I expected... :unsure:

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21 hours ago, AA777-200ER said:


Another Alaskan suggestion, this time an A320... 





Now's there's a second one...


Notice something missing on this repaint, "Proudly All Boeing"  :-)


Darryl "again"

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  • Tom A320 changed the title to Repaint requests (A318, A319, A320, A321)

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