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  1. Good Morning to all of you I'm really enjoying your Airbus A320 Family on P3DV4 & my wish is to see an A320 or A330 developed by Aerosoft in Xplane 11. any chances for that to happen in the future? thanks.
  2. Tried to update to the new version
  3. Hi MR.Mathijs reinstalled the product and its all fine now thanks
  4. Good Evening all, after the new update 12.1.0 the flight didnt pause at TOD
  5. so is this already included in the new update 12.0.1? or still coming later ?
  6. you have 2 ways to do that: 1- restore original p3d shader from the Action menu in PTA 2-reinstall p3d content
  7. Actually I got rid of using PTA totally, but you can try to un tick "Aircraft Lighting & Saturation"
  8. I found out that the problem was because of my PTA Preset now all is fine
  9. another flight today ... the flaps issue is gone but the shadows still there I will try to play with my settings & see if that wprks thanks a lot
  10. Hi & Good Day to All I'm experiencing wired issues with the A320 1- the aircraft has a jagged shadows on the fuselage 2- the Flaps reading is strange. 3- the Slats still extended even after retracting -the issue(flaps+shadows) does not exist in the A319/A318 -flaps issue is not on every livery in the A320/A321 (so far on one livery only) thanks for your time.
  11. same thing here opened all doors message disappeared
  12. Hi First I would like to thank the team for the great work on the A320/A321 . Im not an expert in Airbus but a small thing I have noticed on the MCDU in the Flight Plan section I can scroll down as far as I want & the f-pln keeps repeat it self. its not an issue but I thought I might have to drop it here. thanks again
  13. I would love to see the following liveries thanks
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