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  1. Hi All, Had a late one last night upgrading to 4.5 and the bus to 1.2.4. As i did scenery update too it was a late one I was interested in quickly testing GSX2 integration as I recently added GSX2 to my sim. Never used it until recently when I bought GSX2 + expansion. I would like to comment that from a short preparation that I did, I feel you have got this right and my reason for this is i feel in control i.e. I can begin boarding when I want and of course I still have the the menus ready to load quickly. Same comments apply to fuel loading. Looking forward to the weekend as rain is forecast where I live in the UK.... so taking a TCX 321 to a holiday destination looks likely I also took the opportunity to re-read the manual and forgot that the printer does more than just print data relating to my bodged landing attempts - I will make more use of the printer. Thanks for reading and for buses! - Carl
  2. Hi All, I see Thomas Cook fly the A321 from Manchester to Gambia which I understand is a none stop flight (MT1006) I wonder how this is achieved when taking into account fuel required and the capacity of a 321 so I planned this route in PFPX, loaded the maximum fuel that the 321 would take and had a ZFW of 66tons. I tried this in the sim, noting I used 18.5 tons and my flight time was 06.36. I landed with about 600kgs left! - landing with such a small amount of fuel is the main question here for me. There were some significant head winds on route. I performed step climbs during the flight. Anyone with any input into this I'd be interested to hear. Pilots - assume a crew change would be necessary on this sector ? I think the longest flights where I've seen the same pilots go there and back are UK to Hurghada. Thanks Carl
  3. Any A321 Thomas Cook or Hybrid Monarch / Thomas Cook would be really nice. I see these were available for the 32bit 320/321 series so it is of course fine to use these (I think they will work - albeit need a manual install) -Carl
  4. IIRC that MCDU is just used for the additional controls (such as opening doors) What about shift +2 (left MCDU) and shift +3 (right MCDU) ? -Carl
  5. I like the scroll wheel interaction with the lights, TCAS, setting PWS/weather radar. I like dragging the flap lever with the mouse. Also like the feeling of landing and take off distance and of course the winds uplink. Hand flying her with autothrust engaged is nice too. For the first time ever P3Dv4.3 made me smile (let's just say the flightdeck is familiar to what I've been flying in P3D) Good luck with the next releases! I appreciated that you made the bundle available too.
  6. And my order was of them - pleasantly surprised by the availability of the bundle. -Carl
  7. Thank you - let's say if i did buy 318/319 to get me started and then 320/321 ? Discount on both or one ? (Just curious)
  8. Time to post and say good luck with the release - it's looking good! A question - I looked back and saw I purchased the bundle back in 2015 (318 - 321). As per the list above it will of course be two products 318/319 & 320/321 - how will purchasing discount work ? Will I get the discount on both ? tbh I am only interested in the 320/321 series, and 330 - Carl
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