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  1. I have also the CRJ installed, BUT the old one... But what I did, I updated the Airbus... Sounds like there is now some bug in RAAS locked versions... Maybe that same RAAS update came with Airbus too...
  2. Yes I have, but only the Airbus included locked version. I think that was it... Thanks for the help, I found in RAAS configuration window that field "Transition Altitude" and there it is, 18000 ft... The only thing is now... No need to update that value manually ever before... Haven't even been in that configuration window ever before and I think that altitude value has been updated automatically from flight plan entered to MCDU... So what if I fly e.g EFHK (5000 ft) to EGLL (6000 ft)... So need I now manually change that value from RAAS configuration before approach..? Could this be some bug in Airbus update (anyone else having this same issue?) or did that update just broke something in my installation and how things work together..?
  3. Airbus started to give me false "altitude setting" warnings since yesterday. This haven't been issue before, so I think every setting in MCDU and FCU are correct. Descending through FL124 to FL90 and altimeter set to Std how it should be at this altitude... Destination data correct, so TRANS FL is 5000... Automatically correct so no need for manual input... Still I'm getting constantly audio warning "ALTITUDE SETTING" and looks like it starts below FL180 so maybe there is somewhere P3D default U.S. information affecting to this..? What is different since last time when all was working correctly: - Airbus updated to version - Navigraph AIRAC cycle updated to current 1913 - P3D navaids updated to cycle 1913 (https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html) Everything else are exactly the same as before, when it was working correctly. So which part of these three is the affecting one to Airbus's callouts? And maybe if it's some file easy to edit manually (e.g. correcting some transition level numeric value to the right one), what can this file be and where to find it? I think it might be of course the individual value for every airport, but at least I could modify these to the airports where I mostly fly, if there is not some other fix for this yet...
  4. Some update for this issue. First of all, I was today able to fly full flight EDDT-LSZH without CTD. I had PNG->DDS converted TrueGlass texture files in use. However, when loading the Airbus, it will still write those same error lines to content error log. But this is only when loading the aircraft, not anymore during the flight. During testing, I realized some other problems. It looks like the forward main windshield is not working how it should. I made some tests in a rainy condition and it looks like there are water drops on side window. The main windshield however looks like nothing. When accelerating, water drops on side window starts to move like they should, but fwd window is still like "empty". Can it be possible, that there are something more broken in TrueGlass, that only those formats differences in texture files? There are also some other threads about TrueGlass and/or RealLight related issues on this forum. Could it be possible, that these different issues are at least mostly caused now by some same base reason in TrueGlass/RealLight?
  5. Hi, Great that you was able to get it work DagelijksGamer. I'm not so familiar with different graphics formats, so can you tell more specific to which file format you converted those files. I have no clue what is the difference between those: I tried to do that with DXTbmp and chose the file type "DXT1 (no alpha)". Result: about 10 minutes after takeoff CTD and same ContentErrors.txt lines again: [error.55] error=Texture AB_WIPMASK_LFT.DDS failed to load (FE_REQUEST_STATUS==13) [error.56] error=Texture AB_WIPMASK_RGT.DDS failed to load (FE_REQUEST_STATUS==13) Then the speculation part: Could it be possible, that the CTD is caused by so called "mass effect" or "chain reaction". I mean, at least regarding to my experience you can't never get 100 % "clean" error log in P3D. Especially when many scenery, aircraft, etc. addons installed. For example in my sim, even the P3D default ground traffic vehicle Mitshubishi Pajero is writing some .cfg error lines to ContentErrors.txt. The fact is, that most of those errors are so called "normal" and those are not causing the sim crash. However, in certain conditions, can it be possible that different errors at the same time or too close this .DDS load failure are "too much", and the sim crashes. That could also explain why both of us got this CTD so randomly. Sometimes just after loading the flight and sometimes later after takeoff.
  6. Hi, I have exactly the same kind of problem after update Some times the sim crashes just after loading the Airbus, sometimes I'm lucky and CTD comes after 5, 10, 15, etc, minutes after, but it will be the result anyway after some time (done about 10 test flights during last days). Not sure of course if this is same problem or not, but at least it sounds very similar. I did some investigation, and last entries in ContentErrors.txt are: [error.51] error=Texture AB_WIPMASK_LFT.DDS failed to load (FE_REQUEST_STATUS==13) [error.52] error=Texture AB_WIPMASK_RGT.DDS failed to load (FE_REQUEST_STATUS==13) Tried to find those files, but... There are only files named AB_WIPMASK_LFT.PNG and AB_WIPMASK_RGT.PNG in every simobjects/airplanes/aerosoft a3XX professional/trueglass/textures folders. Can it be possible, that something has been changed in TrueGlass (= file formats) and pathing isn't correct in somewhere else anymore and that will cause the sim CTD?
  7. Renaming works to the first issue, but those two antennas now got some weird blue and grey colors...
  8. Finnair CFMSAT -version. During this year Finnair is installing SAT domes to all A319-321 aircrafts. Some of them are already installed (for example OH-LVI). http://www.airliners.net/photo/Finnair/Airbus-A319-112/4955695?qsp=eJwtjbEKwkAQRP9lay1EsEgXKwUhFmK/7A3x4MwdexswhPy762E3vHnMrCR5MnzssRRQRxWs8qIdFVZ%2BV%2BpWUoyxmrLFPPViMyf3hsv%2B9ry6V7PaeXES2NCLoBjCnw8aoL8KVdrk6BcHD9B7y3Q8OQ%2BxlsRtA8Yx0bZ9AVYYMkc%3D There are great repaints already to whole Finnair fleet, but these all are "before SAT dome -versions". Maybe someone has knowledge how to correctly convert these to SAT dome versions? Instructions what to do or some update pack to download... Tried to tweak this by myself (thought that it's only one white dome on the roof) and just changed the 'model = DAIBA' to 'model = CFMSAT' in aircraft.cfg. Result: Didn't work so good I expected...
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