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  1. @Mathijs Kok and team just want to also congratulate you guys on this product !! Really looking forward to other improvements you guys will make to this already great bird !!
  2. @Mathijs Kok quick question what about the A330 should we expect PBR ?
  3. OK Mathijs ...so i am not going crazy ...thank you keep up the good work
  4. hope everyone is well i just noticed in some shoots that other airbus owners post that most of them have a clock VOR needles gauge . Now i have gone through most of my liveries and none of my aircraft have it. Did i mess up installation somewhere along the line? do only some registrations come with it? I am not sure ...read through the manual but couldn't find anything. Manuel
  5. Hey Mathijs and team I too want to echo the sentiment of many and I it saddens me that a "few rotten apples" have ruin things for everyone else that comes to these forums to look at the great progress of what is obvious a much anticipated product. But I get it, as someone that loves siming and loves the Aerosoft Airbus series i get why you guys have to do this. Nothing is more frustrating for someone that comes to check the progress of a product and is bombarded with such negativity from few. I don't comment much on posts good or bad, but what these post have allowed for someone like me is to learn about Airbus, features that i didn't even think it existed , systems in a way that otherwise not possible. But i understand. My comment to Aerosoft and to your team is that you guys are different because of the engagement you guys have with the real customers and potential customers and don't let that change. You guys dont want to be like others who want your "blood type" before your are accepted to their forums. Keep up the good work and "real customers" will wait patiently for the bird. Manuel
  6. So i figured it out...i downloaded the 318/19 again from my Aerosoft Account instead of using the one i had on my download folder in the computer...i am assuming somewhere the one i had got corrupted ...and there it is it is working fine like it should ...Baby airbus back in the air u can now close this post lol manuel
  7. Hi Mathias i know....let me correct something it happens on the 319 and 318 but not on the 320 or 321 ... as for fuel there is 7980kg... just on the a flight with the A320..and no issues
  8. hope everyone is well Had not flown the 319 for a while...kept flying the A320 and A321 so the last few weeks i got back to flying the baby bus but run into a problem. So my issue is the engines don't turn on...i go through the whole procedure and it does not turn on. and it i start on take off panel status....still the engines don't run. originally i thought it was because i did the latest update...so i uninstalled it and and reinstalled it with the role back to the previous update yet still nothing. the funny thing is this only happens with the 319 - the 318 is fine the 320 and A321 is fine. any suggestions Manuel
  9. Same here...it also has happen to me the last couple times i have used at A320IAE - taking off ESSA - everything seems fine ---TRIM 1DN0.2 flex 64 but i get nothing ---no power ---just terrain terrain and then plummets to the ground...tried the same exact thing on the A320 CFM engines and no issues ...the weather was fine Manuel
  10. Hi Mathijs and team quick question I recall that with the old A3xx series in FSX and old P3D we could select Cabin color...will this be eventually implemented in the new Airbuses ? the cool white was so much easier on the eyes lol Manuel
  11. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/540238-aerosoft-a318319-professionnal/?do=findComment&comment=3899270 Hey Mathiajs and team any possibility you can help the guys at Virtual Avionics with making their A320 CDU compatible with Aerosoft Airbus PRO would really help all of us that have it and can not use it. Now i understand that you guys are super busy and i totally understand that the SP1 is probably the priority but if you find some time maybe help them out. Manuel
  12. Yeah fair enough...i don't post these pictures anywhere.... if far more for my enjoyment than anything else...anyone that knows me knows i am addicted to Starbucks coffee so there it is ...nothing special at all Manuel
  13. Thanks Mathijs.....just changed the phone with a personalized screen and of course a cup of Starbucks coffee lol Again great job it is so fantastic to fly this bird into heavy sceneries and maintain a decent FPS
  14. First of all great JOB Aerosoft the bird looks amazing....and flies even better totally worth the wait. just a quick question the file that contains the phone and coffee cup is it the same for the A319 as it is for the A320-21 ...i modified mine and was wondering if i could just use the same one. thank you and again great job Manuel
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