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  1. Just did a clean install of the CRJ from the Market Place. My version is 1.0.9. Is this the correct version. I thought it was suppose to be 1.0.6.
  2. This topic has been quite for some time. I thought progress was being made. Any updates?
  3. Now that the 2020 update was released I hope effort is going into the P3D version to resolve this problem. It was going strong and then got quite.
  4. For me as mentioned a few post up, in Cold And Dark it's smooth for me. I can pan, cycle views and its smooth, no lag or hard stutters. Any other panel states it's like in the video above.
  5. i hear you and I know your working on it. It’s just bizarre that only the CRJ gives me this issue when the QW, FSLabs and PMDG products are silky smooth and they have way more displays. I hope you can narrow it down as I find the CRJ fun to fly.
  6. I can add, when I'm in cold and dark my panning is a lot smoother thorough out the VC. Once I'm powered up I see what MediocreGorilla sees. Turning off the FO displays did not improve things.
  7. I use Chaseplane so I'll provide my feedback. Outside is silky smooth, regardless of weather. I run a 4K @ 30hz so my FPS are maintaining 30FPS inside and outside of the CRJ. My performance issues is when panning around the VC. Even though I maintain 30FPS due to my monitors refresh rate panning is jittery compared to other aircraft. Turning off Trueglass, EFB or CoPilots instruments play no factor in the slight stuttering I get while panning. I did turn off ChasePlane to see if the default view system was any better and I did see a slight improvement. I also made sure their were no conflicting key bindings. There is something keeping it from being as smooth. As other have reported they are seeing large flux's in FPS. I don't see this due to 30hz. i9-10900K@5.2 (HT off) / Asus Maximus Hero Z490 / RTX 3090 FE / Patriot Viper Steel 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4 4400@4000CL17
  8. I'm still seeing a performance lag in the VC and this is a new system. All my other aircraft are smooth when panning. I even run 4K @ 30hz so as to not tax my system. Even at 30FPS I can feel the performance hit. I'll take it for a flight and see how it goes.
  9. I can't wait to get home and see if this has been fixed.
  10. It's out, thank you. Now to see if the performance has been fixed.
  11. True, it was only been 2.5 months. I'm sure the CRJ for 2020 has priority.
  12. The release date for the MSFS2020 CRJ was announced, can we get some love for the P3D version on a possible time frame for the next update? Thanks
  13. For those of use who are still on P3Dv4/5 it was said that both P3D/MSFS2020 projects were both being worked simultaneously. Hans posted that he next update will include performance improvements which hopefully will fix the performance issues reported by some. Can we get a possible date for the P3D update? Thank You
  14. Has this ben released yet or is it still awaiting the next update along with the performance fix? Thanks
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