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  1. I'm trying to update EDDK and I get the following error. Downloading and unpacking Version_1020\addon_scenery.zip... Installing Version_1020\addon_scenery.zip... Downloading and unpacking Version_1030\addon_scenery.zip... Installing Version_1030\addon_scenery.zip... File: Configuration Tool\Cologne Bonn - Configuration Tool.exe not found. Execute failed!
  2. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I run a 7700K@5.1, 1080TI, and a 43in 4K@30hz and I get smooth performance at EDDK with default settings. Looking at my EVGA Precision XOC, my GPU usage doesn't go above 50% very often and my FPS remains at 30.
  3. The OP seems to be using a 1080ti. He maybe having other issues going on based on other postings. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/139369-is-this-a-bug-or-a-feature/&tab=comments#comment-902183
  4. I just used WinRAR and open the SODE.7z file and dragged the SODE folder to the correct location and works like a champ.
  5. Nothing happens on the weekends @ Aerosoft. There off or at events.
  6. Is this update out in one of the experimental updates?
  7. Thanks for the update and the continued work on the CRJ.
  8. I'm still on the SP1 and was wondering if has fixed all the minor bugs that appeared with I would hate to update and have issues. The CRJ has been flying pretty good for me but I know it needs updates.
  9. I would not count on a new estimate. Strange they didn't account for the vacations and events when they made the October estimate. O-well, it's just around the corner. If you been around the Aerosoft forums long enough than you know this is normal, hahahaha.
  10. Aerosoft is is good about letting users know if something is going to be delayed if they mentioned a release window. Nobody is nailing him to anything and simply mentioning that it was said to be sometime in October. Relax, nobody is going to come after them if they are late. We already know it’s complete and being made ready for release.
  11. Well he did say October on page 14 so I expect to see it drop in a day or two.
  12. Since you guys are still adjusting colors to Köln that pretty much indicates it won’t be ready for CTP and were looking at a possible Oct 30 or 31 release seeing it was stated that it would released in October. Keep up the good work and look forward to the release.
  13. I know it was said that it would be out in October. Many of us are hoping it will release in time for us cargo haulers for CTP this Saturday. Many of us want to fly out of Memphis and Louisville to Köln for the event. Our backup is EGSS.
  14. Sure has been awhile. Hope nobody needs to get liveries or downloads for the last two weeks, smh
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