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  1. Hé Matthijs, as a alpha tester of the new sim I can not agree with your opinion regarding the built in weather add on. I think the weather data are very inaccurate and not corresponding to the real weather. i have checked this with Active Sky and AeroWeather. so I think MS has still a lot of work to do here. Just my humble opinion.
  2. Thanks Tom A320, please keep u's informed when the fix is ready! Thanks
  3. I tested the Tiger in P3Dv4.4, and I believe it is just a minor upgrade of the FSX version. I also find out that the OBS and course knobs are not working.You can not set heading and course.I think rather essential item. Anyone with the same problem? if so please advise. thanks
  4. No one???? All quiet??
  5. As already mentioned in the post of Richard Portier, i do not have a tacan or ils signal on the carriers. Fot the Kitty hawk i use 109.00 or the 27X tacan, AWL/PCD is activated in the cockpit. Have the latest edition of the F14 and P3Dv4.4 . I also installed the AICarriers from the Rikoo website. In fact this ILS /VOR ^roblem is the only issue i encounter with the F14 in P3Dv4.4. On the other hand VOR and ILS work perfectly when tested at airports on shore. Very strange. Please could someone solve this problem? Thanks in advance Grts
  6. Hello, someone interested in making this livery from Brussels Airlines, the Red Devil's paint? thanks in advance COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links to such content instead, as stated clearly in the first post on every page of this topic.
  7. Hello, Does anyone know how to select the right & left display smoke seperate? What I want to change is when you press one time the i key smoke coming from the left. Second time pressing i key smoke coming from the right. Third time pressing the i key smoke coming from left & right (default). Fourth time pressing the i key disable smoke In the aircraft.cfg can you find: [sMOKESYSTEM] smoke.0 = -5.9, 16.7, 0.0, fx_smoke_w // for demo models smoke.1 = -5.9, -16.7, 0.0, fx_smoke_w // for demo models What do I have to change in the aircraft.cfg? Hope someone can help me. Thanks a lott! Hotas
  8. As already mentioned in another thread, still have no AI traffic in Munich. Has this some thing to do with a particular Afcad files? I am using My Traffic 2010. I also tested other "Mega" airports, like Orly etc and there seems to be the same problem. With other airports everything works fine, like Lissabon, Madeira, Antalya etc.. Anybody can sort this out please? Thanks in advance Hotas
  9. I have another problem with this scenery. When starting in Cuzco at a parking place or at the active runway, my plane hangs +/- 100feet above the ground. Any suggestions??? Hotas
  10. hotas

    AI Traffic

    He Schaun, i have AI at other airports. No problems there. "Aircraft cast shadow on the ground" is standard disabled in mine FSX. Maybe it has changed when adding Munich. I will check this out but i don't think it is. Hotas
  11. First of all, i wanted to say this is a fantastic scenery. But i am faced with one problem: there seems to be no AI traffic in Munich.The airport looks dead. I have been taxiing around for 15 minutes, no other traffic taxiing, no aircraft landing or take off. Nothing. I have installed My Traffic 2010. What i noticed after installing Munich scenery library in FSX was reorganised. Even AES was not any more at nr 1. Any suggestions? regards
  12. When entering military area, the place beside where the Catalina's are parked, when you want to taxi to the military hangars and you come on the black taxiways, you get a crash!! Any solutions? Regards
  13. hotas


    He Shaun, i only have VFR Netherlands installed in that area. Could this be the reason? Strange effect is when i start in EHAM everything works fine. Any suggestions? Thanks
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