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  1. Airway88

    Repaint requests

    VP-BCL for the CRJ700 had been very nice!!
  2. Airway88

    Actual MainPanel Texture

    I have tried everything, and changed the Registration as suggested. But it won`t change at all, even with only the A321 IAE reg marked. If I changed for example D-AISP to for example HA-LXJ it doesn`t change. How to change it, to get it to work as it is supposed to? I believed it only needed to change the registration for the and mark the registration changed. and export as DXT3 and it still remains D-AISP...Even if I have changed D-AISP to HA-LXJ..
  3. Airway88

    A321SL 93.5t Version

    I just wonder if it is any plans to change the A321 to the Charter version? Thomas Cook and Condor operates the 93.5t MTOW version and have bigger Fuel Tanks. Is this an option that can be implented in the Future? The Current version is the 89.0t MTOW, or is possible to change the CFG file to have this version?
  4. Airway88

    Repaint requests

    Easyjet Europe with OE registration
  5. The Liveries work fine in external view! But it is in the VC the problems appear, with only Flood Lights on, or it is black, so I have no idea how to fix that. For example Germania D-ASTC repaint, the textures works with PL2WIN with no issues externally, but it is in the VC the problem appear, as many others as well have problems with, that some parts of the VC are all black with Flood Lights OFF, and also black squares with Flood Lights on. Think it is some VC coding problems who is responsible, that it doesn`t read all files.
  6. Now with the Carenado Fokker 50 released we need a PFPX aircraft file for it so we can plan our flights.. Is it someone working on that matter yet?
  7. Airway88

    Repaint requests

    Any news on the SAS CRJ900 operated by CityJet yet? Those are the SAS CRJ9s with EI- registration instead of OY- registrations All operated by CityJet in Ireland, all the OY- ones are operated by Cimber.
  8. Airway88

    Repaint requests

    On you with that! They are flying mostly within Scandinavia now, and have alot of planes, more than SAS/Op By Cimber has.. So an EI reg would be really nice!
  9. Airway88

    Repaint request

    I would like to Request Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium, OOTCW, in the new Colours, not one single paint is availble for Thomas Cook Belgium in the new Colours So hope this can be done Holgi do you feel of making it?
  10. Airway88

    Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    SAS is already availble Look at the downloadssection Would love a Falcon 2000 and Falcon 7X profile, they are quite similiar to eachother so if you have the basics for Falcon 2000, a Falcon 7X template would be easy to make out of the Falcon 2000 template
  11. Airway88

    SAS A319 OY-KBO Retro

    Fantastic Repaint! Any chance to get a repaint in the normal colour scheme as well? For example OYKBT or OYKBR?
  12. Airway88

    Repaint request

    I can`t see SAS OY-KBO and OY-KBR there on the list Alot of scandinavians request those The one with Retro Colours = OYKBO The one with regular colours = OYKBR, KBP or KBT Rgds Kim!
  13. Airway88

    Repaint request

    Here I am again.. Requesting Atlantic Airways A319! They use CFM56-5B engines OYRCH, RCI and RCG
  14. Airway88

    Repaint request

    SAS Airbus A319-132 IAE2527-A5 Engines, OYKBO and OYKBR
  15. Airway88

    SAS/WIF F:wz OFP Template

    Version 1.00


    Here it is People! After weeks if tweaking and changing, testing, and so on here it is the SAS OFP template! This Template is made from the real SAS OFP Without ETOPS planning since we will make a new one with ETOPS information based from SAS IC. Widerøe is using the same template as SAS If you are gonna use WIF just simply make a copy there the file is named WIF Hope you guys are enjoying it as much as we do!