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  1. I do request Air Inuit new Colours, Kenn Borek Air and Air Tindi for the Twin Otter! They are still operating them so would be nice with some updated paints for it
  2. Hi! Thank you for that, it seems like that paint where never installed at me, only a few others. Any chance someone can upload it and send it to me? That would be much appreciated Rgds Kim
  3. Hi, I have been looking for a Delta repaint for the A321 PRO series.. Can`t find it anywhere.. The only ones I can find is for the Extended series, and I tried to use them on the pro version but it does not work. So does anyone know where I can find for the A321CFM? I have googled, and on avsim, can`t find any repaint to the PRO version.. So all help is appreciated! Rgds Kim
  4. Ahh okay, then they are probally working on it so it will be fixed with some patience
  5. Seems that PFPX won`t load any metar or anything now. Server issues from the 3rd party sites?
  6. It is current and not expired. Got the latest METAR and TAF bu enroute winds from WAFC Washington that provides with enroute winds and so on has not been working properly the last 4-5 days..
  7. Now it seems like the weather servers are not working, I can`t download any weather what so ever, it says "updating" at the bottom, and last weather update e.g Enroute winds expired 25OCT at 1800z nothing new is downloaded from the servers..It is stuck on a enroute weather that expired soon 24h ago..
  8. Is the servers down at the moment? It can`t download weather or tracks.. Tried restarting, same issue..Subscription is still valid..
  9. Have you any plans to add B757-300 PW engines by the time? It is only for the RB engines not the PW as Delta Airlines uses..
  10. Any News on a SAS op CityJet livery? Still can`t find it... Anyone who has a link to one with EI reg?
  11. Any news on the SAS CRJ900 operated by CityJet yet? Those are the SAS CRJ9s with EI- registration instead of OY- registrations All operated by CityJet in Ireland, all the OY- ones are operated by Cimber.
  12. On you with that! They are flying mostly within Scandinavia now, and have alot of planes, more than SAS/Op By Cimber has.. So an EI reg would be really nice!
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