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  1. Version 1.0.0


    With my tired old eyes I had trouble reading the Caution Advisory panel on Aerosoft's F-14X so I re-worked the text. Now they are not so blurry. I hope this helps. To use, just place the dds file into your plane's texture folder.
  2. Hey jcagle, Thanks. I'm a new Tomcat driver so any info I can get is very helpful. Merry Christmas! George
  3. Hey dfw, Thanks so much for the reply, and the info. George
  4. Anybody! Is support still given for the F-14X?
  5. Hello all. Just got the F-14X for P3D. My P3d version is v4.3 I am not using FSUIPC The CH Products Eclipse Yoke. (due to physical limitations I like the rudder axis on the yoke) I've noticed that when moving joystick full right or left that the spoilers are not fully deployed. Aerosoft F-14 When using other aircraft I have no problems. Dino Catteneo F-14D Also with the Aerosoft F-14 the stabilator doesn't work correctly. Joystick full back: Joystick full forward: Again, it is only with the Aerosoft F-14X. I have the Aerosoft Airbuses, the Dino Catteneo F-14D, Milviz and A2A products and have no issues with them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. George
  6. In the link below, on July 16th, I had asked about the missing voice tab in the Airbus Configuration tool. The reply was that the sets would come with later updates. So, after downloading version, v1210, I opened the Configuration tool and was expecting to see the "Voice packs & Lighting" tab as is seen in Volume 1, The A318/A319/A320/A321 Professional in P3D, on page 13. It was still not on the configuration tool. Any ideas as to when we may expect more voice packs? http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/137569-wheres-the-voice-tab/ George
  7. Hey, swetters Try renaming the, AS_A319_EXTTAIL_C.dds and AS_A319_EXTTAIL_S.dds to AS_A319_EXTTAILSAT_C.dds and AS_A319_EXTTAILSAT_S.dds Hope this helps. George
  8. Hey Stefan, I was just wondering as to which DTX format to use; DXT1 RGB 4 bpp | no alpha DXT1 ARGB 4 bpp | 1 bit alpha DXT3 ARGB 8 bpp | explicit alpha DXT5 ARGB 8 bpp | interpolated alpha DXT5_NM XY 8 bpp | using DXT5 Why must it be DTX? I ask because I normally save my DDS files (Aerosoft Airbus and A2A Simulations) in; ARGB 32 bpp | unsigned By the way, you and the others at Aerosoft rock. George
  9. Hey, gustavoaguiar No offense intended. Great work on the livery.
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