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  1. Hi. The important thing to understand is that FSX is a 32 bit program and can only use a max of 4GB ram. Task Manager doesn't give an accurate picture of useage. It is helpful to have >4GB ram as your OS uses some and so do any program's in the background. Aircraft and scenery get more complex, use up more memory. But the limit is still 4GB until a 64bit flight simulator is released. Until then you have to drop your slider settings, even if your CPU and GPU can give you good framerates on high settings. The limitation of a 32bit program is what's stopping us getting the full potential out of our systems. Chris
  2. Sorry that I misread your post! Unfortunately you can't cheat the system, it's not the slider that's the problem. Even if you had the slider low and the custom autogen high, then the result would be the same. Ultimately it's what's displayed on screen that affects things. Chris
  3. It's tricky. In the scenery folder there will likely be .bgl files that exclude the default autogen. IIRC the Santorini autogen files will be in the texture folder as an .agn file. It'll be a case of trial and error. I'd back up your scenery and texture folder before experimenting. Chris
  4. Hi. Try and disable 'Aircraft casts shadows on ground', this can have an effect if your AI traffic isn't fully FSX compliant. Chris
  5. 'Ground Zero' - I didn't know this artwork/memorial existed until I found it flying around Manhattan X. I found it very moving.... Chris
  6. I don't know if what I've read on other forums is correct, but apparently there isn't going to be freeware or commercial addons from 3rd party vendors (little profit for them). Microsoft are going this whole GAME route. Seeing the latest video preview I don't think it's that impressive. I do find X-Plane 10 a little under-developed still, but I do wish them luck for the future as I think in time they can develop something worthwhile. Chris
  7. Have you tried uninstalling AES? You should then be able to re-enter your serial numbers and assign your airports. Chris
  8. I have found this too, however I'm assuming with the 25% Christmas offer you can't also benefit from the 10% Twin Otter (previous purchase) offer too. Hopefully, someone from Aerosoft can clarify. Chris
  9. Also, if I recall correctly the files have now been included in the product update, in the Updates section. Chris
  10. On Aerosoft's main page on the left hand side, look for a link thy says 'Updates'. This will take you to the updates section. You will need to login and ensure your product is registered. You will then be able to select London X and download any updates. I hope that helps. Chris
  11. X-Plane 10 does look interesting and some good concepts.... but it is a pity that the demo is only 10 mins and you can't fly it. It does look good and very promising (though not happy with the sound), but it will need the addon treatment to make it as good as FSX. Given my investment in FSX it really isn't a viable option to make the transition. Chris
  12. Yes that makes sense. The default tower view isn't always good. I positioned my camera by the Kai Tak tower as it wasn't possible to take it from within and I didn't like the default. Chris
  13. What setting do you have your water setting at? Try at Low 1x. Chris
  14. In my experience it is quite random. However, I have found the problem to disappear by reducing slider settings, particularly water. Try at 1x and this may help. But as its been stated the problem can lie anywhere. Chris
  15. Having not seen the video, I would have to guess this is effect is produced from an addon called Ezdok, which adds dynamic head movement amongst others. Chris
  16. Does this happen if you close and restart FSX? Chris
  17. Hi. A couple of things I can think of: MyTraffic X may have installed some AFCADS of its own, which will also be loaded causing conflicts. Search for LEMD and see if any such files are found in MyTraffic X folders. Also. I think Madrid X has a tool to switch runway operations depending on the wind direction. To do this there are 2 Aerosoft AFCADS. Ensure this is set correctly for the wind direction. Ive had that issue myself. Chris
  18. Hi. Sounds like you have multiple AFCADS loading. Traffic X has it's own set of AFCADS that define the airport layout. Search your system for EGLL and see if any files appear in the Traffic X folder. Probably something like AFD_EGLL.bgl or AF2_EGLL.bgl Rename the file to <filename>.bgl_off This way the file won't be read by FSX and only the Aerosoft AFCAD will be loaded. Chris
  19. Hi, No, you will be able to re-enter your serial numbers and assign your airports again. No worries. Chris
  20. Volker, The flight plans that I have found to work are when I start FSC 9 before FSX. If I start FSC 9 after FSX, that is when the problems I was experiencing occur. Chris
  21. Hi Volker, I think everything is ok now. I think the problem was me and the way I was setting the flight plan up and my use of the 'High Alt Plan' button during creation. The last few flights I have planned seem to work ok. Many thanks, Chris
  22. Hi. Yes they work fine. I would put them in the following order: 1. FSDT Las Vegas 2. US Cities X Las Vegas (latest build includes night textures) 3. Megascenery Chris
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