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  1. Hee hee, with respect Mathijs me 'ol mate, you've been saying that for as long as I can remember!!
  2. Yup, I'll have a pair of those. They certainly could become a favourite addon of mine, providing there is no framerate hit...
  3. Yes, you are correct. I was simply suggesting slightly improved harware for a minimal additional outlay. However, if you don't do anything and want to get the best from FSX as possible, then a water cooler should help you attain higher voltages and so a higher OC = performance.
  4. Stick with the Sandy Bridge system, Ivy Bridge offers virtually nothing extra. As for a cooler, I would highly recommend water cooling, as the SB processors are good overclockers and you could get up to 4.5/4.6Ghz which you're unlikely to attain on air. Also, not a deal breaker, but for the difference in price, why not spend a little more and get 1600Mhz RAM. There is a difference, albeit slight. You're probably OK with a 500w PSU but FWIW I would feel happier with a 750w. In answer to your original question, overclocked, your system would be easily capable of running all the latest addons and aircraft at dense/very dense autogen settings
  5. Personally I think Dublin is a good Airpport for development. An international airport on the far west of Europe. I have Eiresims Alicante and am very happy with the performance. I will get Aerosoft's Dublin, but will wait to hear reviews on the performance, 'cos if it's like some of the other airports and heavy on frames then I'll give it a miss
  6. Hi Chris, thanks for the reply. What is Aerosoft playing at? This issue has been rasied many times from 2010 and has still not been resolved. It's simply not good enough that customers have to play around with the product to make it function correctly. I agree, it's not the UAC settings. Like you, I too have it completely disabled. As for the XML, although I'm pretty competent at most things, I have never needed to edit XML files and so don't quite know where to start. Your help with this would be appreciated....
  7. Hmm, I haven't flown Santorini for quite awhile but reading this thread has spurred me on to try and resolve my issues, which are, basically no AI and very little autogen around the airport and a single chuch and cable car on the hill! I've read the whole post here and the link that presumably is supposed to offer a conclusive answer, but I'm afraid I'm still in the dark. Could someone please explain in simple language what I have to do. I have tried a reinstall with no success.
  8. It's sounding very much like, it is what it is. OK, well thanks for the feedback Emilios, but as I said, if it could be fixed in an update that would be good. Cheers...
  9. Emilio my friend, those textures which are completely blurred are no where near 1m, 2m per pixel or probably not even 20m per pixel! I understand that not everything works as we would want things to work, but if it is possible to correct this anomoly without too much angst it would be good.
  10. Mathjis, I respect you dearly, but blimey what do you mean These lines are nearly impossible to get rid of They should not be there. There is clearly some problem that needs to be addressed. The product is substandard, and I would have thought it reasonable to ask if something can be done to eradicate the anomoly in the form of a patch or update. Apart from anything else, it taints an otherwise great scenery product.
  11. Blimey Matt, that was a pretty comprehensive set of pics matey...
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