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  1. Oliver, with respect, you seem to be very easily offended. I merely asked a perfectly reasonable question. I am sorry you feel it is unacceptable to ask a direct question. I don't feel I have been disrespectful or rude. I apologise if you feel I have been, that was not my intention.
  2. Hmm, very disappointed. May I ask how this is allowed to happen for a pro release airport. Presumably testers must fly around a scenery prior to release to check for these things? I am just about to install after downloading the upgrade airport earlier. Can you please give an indication when this can be fixed. If I had known this I would not have spent more money on an airport I already have. Thank you.
  3. Apologies fellas, I forgot to reply with my conclusion I've been running round like a headless chicken recently! Yes, the fix did work. Many thanks Oliver.
  4. Brilliant Oliver. I'll check this out and let you know the result. Cheers.
  5. That is great news. It would be a shame not to have a fix, as it is such a great airport otherwise. Will it be released as an official update, or as an individual download file? Thanks.
  6. Hi Thorsten, I can confirm I have flickering ground textures around the stands and have the AFX-LXGB_ALT.bgl file installed into P3D/scenery/world/scenery folder.
  7. Sorry, I am at a loss. I have installed the scenery following the correct installation sequence. Are you saying this is wrong?
  8. Forgive me Mathjis, I am perplexed. I never encountered an issue in FSX. Is the problem pertinent specifically to P3D V4? When you say the mesh issue may not be fixable, I'm confused. Surely there should be no known issues with a product that is released to the public.
  9. Thanks Mathijs. While I agree what has been said about the Rock, my particular issue is flickering parking stands while.
  10. I will jump in here also. Is there any further comment or help from the dev with this issue, as the last post is from more than a week ago, or has this issue been addressed and I am unaware of it? I too have just installed LXGB, have no PTA, no third party mesh, have deleted LXGB from MyTraffic X and am seeing some texture flickering of the ground surrounding the aircraft at the stands. It looks like some kind of texture bleeding through and flickering as I pan the view around the aircraft.
  11. I appreciate and respect your opinion and hear what you are saying. We will just have to agree to disagree. Thanks.
  12. Nope, nothing to do with MTX or anything else. There are numerous threads going back to 2010, all complaining about the same issue. It's a pretty poor show for a developer not to accept those concerns and update the scenery with at least a couple of static AI. I am very disappointed.
  13. I have just installed the pro version of LXGB for P3D V4 and for some reason I have no AI traffic whatsoever, even with all sliders set at 100%. I have MTX installed successfully, which works perfectly well at all other airports. Help appreciated.
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