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  1. Not Sure about London City? But I have an issue with low AI numbers around Terminal 1 at LFPG like 1 or 2 and sometimes none, but Terminal 2 is normal with lots of AI, This has been reported in previous posts, it's own thread and one regarding scenery collision. I use My Traffic X. Can you confirm no AI around Terminal 2? I believe it is being investigated, I'm looking forward to a fix http://www.forum.aer...showtopic=22701
  2. Ok while doing the scenery collision tests I can say that AI is almost non existent at Terminal 1. Only a few jets at any time compared with Terminal 2 which is almost full. I'm thinking that the AI just Vanish after landing because of no taxi routing available to there assigned slot? Broken Links maybe? It may be due to the same problem causing the scenery collision? If you think it is, you can lock this thread and we can investigate via the other thread ;-) Cheers Matt
  3. Hi Shaun Alright I have had some time to investigate the collisions these are the areas (in Cyan) where i get a crash. I crashed it about 20 meter intervals along these taxiways so they are pretty accurate within the time available. I have only investigated Terminal 1 and the other report on taxiway N near the concord. General Overview Terminal 1 the main area is INNER and the two Areas on Taxiway A Taxway N near the Concorde Hope this helps. Also in the image note the lack of AI at Terminal 1 compared to terminal 2? I think the collisions or taxi links around Terminal 1 prevent ai from using it fully? see ny other post. Some AI do use it but I feel it depends on the parking spot they are allocated? just guessing here though. looking forward to a fix. Cheers Matt BTW I'm using the updated V 1.10
  4. Sorry Shaun, but I just messed around with the scenery config and it appears the order had been changed by UTX-Europe. this was causing the AI to be removed from Terminal 1 somehow? I moved LFPG up above UTX and the problem has gone away. Sorry for wasting your time. Matt
  5. Hi I have a problem that no AI is using Terminal 1 at all. Terminal 2 is in use and stocked. this of course causes the AI to use the 08/26 Complex only. However I still get vectored to 09/27 complex for landing and assigned a gate at Terminal 2. I'm using My Traffic X for AI generation. But after searching the developers web site they say that from 120nm out the traffic pattern is generated from the add on scenery AFCAD. Any Ideas? Matt
  6. No problem at all, It would be a nice feature if you implement it in the future. Cheers Matt
  7. Hi Oli, I notice that AESConfig (FSX) says 'Local' in green as it's connection status. Is it possible to operate the AESHelp and AESconfig from a remote client via Simconnect? or maybe Wide FS? I use both. the reason I ask is it would save me switching out of full screen mode when I discover my Aircraft.cfg isn't set correctly any more for AES due to a update over writing it. I haven't tried it yet but thought I'd ask first to reduce time wasted if it's not possible. Regards Matt
  8. Hi Firstly great Airport, well done! Secondly, I'm getting a scenery collision on Taxiway A abeam satellite Y at Terminal 1 and it seems to keep occurring right around A to abeam Satellite Z. I am taking a 340-600 around there, but visually there is nothing close to the aircraft. Also as Gate Z9 and Remote Stand S11 are A380 gates clearance shouldn't be an issue. Taxiway A is also approved for the A380 of course. I have no other AFCADs for LFPG loaded. Anyone care to test it and advise.?
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