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  1. Hi Shaun, actually I found out by myself, more or less by coincidence, because I read that one can access and change the .PLN files, like you can access and change a .CFG. . Obviously the mission .FLT puts the Maule in the default location. As I have Switzland Pro installed, it did look strange anyway. As I wrote, when you install Saanen aiport, bought from Aerosoft, you will be locked out and there is no ticket booth to enter the aiport. The cure is: Rename a copy of the .FLT by adding .txt. Now you can read it. Find out where your plane should be. I my case these are the changes: [GPS_Engine] Filename=Geburtstagsüberraschung position=N46° 29.33'15', E7° 15.30'13', +003310.89 and [simVars.0] Latitude=N46° 29' 19.7415" Longitude=E7° 15' 17.9113" Altitude=+003310003312.89 Pitch=-7.7035868035234376 Bank=0.013158909542493536 Heading=170.56752124909045165 Replace the original flight file (after saving the lot) And Bingo you are parked right at Saanen airport very nicely. Took some fiddling around with the coordinates, but this here now is really a beaut so I have to offer my work to the community for others to enjoy who have Saaben from Flylogic. Cheers Karl
  2. And I have antoher question. I have "exe.xml" in my Microsoft/FSX folder. What does it do for me? Only season switcher? Regards KARL
  3. Dear all, nach dem Install von Frankfurt-Hahn V. 102 bekomme ich beim Herunterfahren von FSX die Fehlermeldung "FSX funktioniert nicht mehr" In Details steht "cryptui.dll_unload" ist der Fehler oder auch manchmal auch andere .dlls. V. 102 uninstalled, V. 1.00 drauf, FSX funktioniert wieder. Why is that? mfG Karl
  4. Dear all, I bought Kleinflugplätze Schweiz Teil 6 from Aerosoft because it contains Saanen. Saanen is also the starting point for the Aerosoft Birthday Suprise Mission to Thun and I wanted to make the mission more realistic. After installing Kleinflugplätze Schweiz Teil 6 and starting the mission, I find that I am locked out. I am on the wrong side of the fence. I cannot take off from Saanen because I cannot get to the airport and on the runway. There is a railway embankment in the way and I cannot taxi the Maule over it. So now my Birthday Surprise mission has become unflyable with Saanen installed. Question: Is there fairly easy way (which the average flightsimmer can follow) to relocate the mission starting location where the plane sits when starting the mission? Meaning: How to move the starting location at Saanen over the railway embankment, through the fence? Hitting "y" and slewing as I can do in the the free flight mode does not work in a mission. Copying the ".flt", ".wx" files contained in the mission folder into the Free Flight Directory where all .flt, .fssave and .wx files are (directory located in "documents" in Windows7) also does not work, because the flight will not show. Otherwise I could slew the plane in the free flight mode, or just take off and land on Saanen airport, save and use the new .flt file in the mission. As I said, this does not work as the mission .flt file does not create a flight in the list of loadable flights. Any help? Regards Karl
  5. Hello, instead of sending a screenshot which just shows ugly textures, please be advised that I asked Mr Gary Summons (UK2000) about this problem and he knows what to do. The fix means buying the GenX photo scenery again, which is version 3 meanwhile. I may be addicted enough to do this. This is what Mr Gary Summons says: QUOTE I think your find the dock water is like this because its painted this way in the GEN-X image and has nothing to do with the airport scenery. If you turn off London City Xtreme the water will look the same. It is impossible to modify the Gen-X base image, yes you can paint over the top, but you cant make a hole it its image to reveal default water. Here is screen shot of our airport using default scenery as you see we dont add any paint effect on top of the water, it is default that shows through for both the river and dock and are both the same .What I can say is Gen-X Version 3 is not the same as V1, as you can see below the the water in V3, combines both photo and FSX water effects So if you want the river to look the same as dock, you need Gen-X version3, or remove Gen-X. UNQUOTE. So much is the pity. If you have a better idea of a fix, please do not hesitate to post it. Regards Karl
  6. Dear all, well the update does not solve my problem. I still have the bricky water textures aroud EGLC London City. Is there anybody who has the same problem? Further info: I have Acceleration, my rig has 9gigs RAM, Nvidia 2gigs g card, Intel i7, win7 64bit. Even on these specs VFR LondonX takes a high toll with most sliders somewhat to the right. So, any takers? Who sees funny no-water textures around EGLC althoug the Thames is fine? Regards Kar
  7. Thank you, I have found it now. I see that I have to add VFR LondonX. Regards Karl
  8. Thank you for answering. I am afraid that this low setting will mess up the other water, like the Thames water, which is extremely good. Anyway, before trying that, do you know how to get the 1.3 update? As I said, I am too stupid to find it on the Aeosoft website. Regards Karl
  9. Dear all, 1. I have the boxed version of VFR LondonX (bought in a store) and I am looking for the version 1.3 for it, but I do not the update on the Aerosoft page. Any help? 2. The "water" around EGLC and in other places in London looks terrible, like a bricks texture, and there is no water texture. The Thames is fine, brownish ground, a nice water texture is there. I have the FSX (Horizon) VFR GenerationX version 1.0 installed and I have REX2 installed. Now I have the new UK2000 EGLC extreme installed but the water around EGLC is no better. But it was that way before UK2000's EGLC. Any help? Does the v.1.3 fix this maybe? Please help. Regards Karl
  10. No hard feelings Rolf, very nice airports in any case, good work. If there is nothing else to worry about ......... Karl
  11. Dear all, thank you for the multiple responses. This is quite a community. In respect of the root cause and the suggested workaround, I hope that in good Aerosoft tradition, there will be replacement files for those who own Aerosoft's VFR Germany textures. There should not be a texture change from summer to autumn or winter because the VFR worshippers do not need airfiields which have ground textures that do not blend right in. Having said that, I note that EDML autumn textures would fit nicely into an Australian outback scenery actually. Yes and the reddish colour remains throughout, also when taxiing. Thank you in advance Aerosoft, I have full confidence in you. Cheers Karl
  12. Thanks for the support, Otto, that is exactly what I see. Aerosoft, pls provide replacement textures. Karl
  13. Dear all, I installled German Airfield 11 and Jessenwang is fine. However, the Landshut textures have an ugly reddish texture which sticks out like a sore thumb. I have Aerosoft VFR ground textures installed. Any ideas how to change the textures to the lush green all around? Help appreciated, thanks Karl
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