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  1. Hi LCLK, OK... Perhaps it was delivered with the PMDG in the time I used it. But for now I now I have not to search furher in AES. So thanks and regards, Ed
  2. Hi Is AES responsible for showing a ground power unit, connected to the front of the plane or am mixed up other third party programs that will show the unit? Thanks and regards, Ed
  3. Hi Oliver THANKS for your reply. This solved it. I misunderstood the AFT and cargo doors. I set the AFT doors, When I configured it to the cargo doors below, it started to work. Thanks for the fast help and regards, Ed
  4. Hi, Can anyone help? I use version 223b As soon as AES is activated, 4 vehicles are ready. When the Marshaller is starting to walk, these vehicles start to move and take their positions. So far so good. But at the lower cargoholes there are never vehicles visible, although I se these cars on every demo/video. I mean the little trunkcars with on the right side a flashinglamp. The holes at the cargodoors remain open without these cars. I also face a problem that the catering and cleaningcars are overlapping the open vehicles on the right side, as you also can see on the attaches images. I also read in a post to disable airport vehicles. I have done this, but this seems to be an AES issue. I hope anyone of you can help me in solving this. Thanks and regards, Ed
  5. Hi, I am desperate. I thought My Traffic X was the cause, but it seems there is something else wrong. This afternoon I decide tor remove all My Traffic X files. No change. So I removed FSX and all files too. Than I reinstalled FSX and after this Amsterdam -Schiphol- airport. So I thought this would solve my problem. I am the only pilot/plane on the whole scenery. Only a crowded airport wit a lot of vehicles. Also no aircrafts in the air/landing/take off. I had this problem to at the AIrport Charles de Gaule and other Aerosoft airports. Using UK 2000 scenery, no problems. My scenery and aircraft setup are very high. No aircrafts. I hope someone can tell me how to solve this.
  6. Hi I have tried to install two days ago My Traffic X. During installation there were no problems. Since yesterday I noticed that in Schiphol Aiport and Charles de Gaule all planes were gone. On Amsterdam I have about three of them around the ramp and on Charles de Gaule it looks like Paris does not live anylonger.... None planes. I have set the imagequality, scenery and traffic to the highest value. Nope When I go to Rotterdam, all seems to be ok, but I do not know if these are only static planes. There are no planes moving taking off or landing. I am desperate and confused. I have removed MyTraffic X and even did some restore of the userfiles in Windows. Does anyone know how to solve this please? Thanks and regards, Ed
  7. All the best for 2012 to you all! Keep m high Regards, Ed
  8. Hi, For some months ago I bought AES version 211 and I now see version 212 is released. Can I do an upgrade or do I have to buy version 212? Can anyone answer this please? Thanks and regards, Ed
  9. Hi thanks for all of you replies. There must be something going wrong, using the launcher. Please have a look at the images below. - You see in image 1 that the popup with supported Airports is distorted. I can not click these airports - If you look at image 2 also from the launcher, you see that I can not Activate the airports. The activation button is greyed out. I think that this mus be solved first to get all working as it should work. Please can you tell what is going wrong please? Thanks, Ed
  10. Hi Shaun, Thanks. I have tried all seasons, so random dates and times. The scenery is always Winter / white. I was coming from Amsterdam with a nice weather and when approaching Lelystad, I thought it kinda a strange that it presented from far away a square white envirnoment. It was only winter there. Is this what you mean? Thanks for your reply and regards, Ed
  11. Hi After some Months not using Lelystad airport, I was flying to it an hour ago from Schiphol to Lelystad airport. I started in Amsterdam and after approaching Lelystad, Lelystad airport was totaly white. The way to it and its surroundings beside the airport were Summer. I have changed the seasons and I even have reinstalled the seasons. Whatever I try, Lelystad is always white/winter. Does anyone knows what is going wrong please? Thanks and regards, Ed
  12. Hi Oliver, Thanks for this fast reply!!! I have started FSX up some minutes ago. And When I set parking brakes to on and engine of it suddenly started to work. The same I did yesterday when it did not work and now it is ok! This means it seems te be solved. Thanks, Ed
  13. Hi Thanks, Did not have notifications on. This has been solved right away. I had to upgrade and no serial was needed any longer Best regards, Ed
  14. Hi, I have landed at Frankfurt and I am waiting at the gate now to depart. Normally when I activate the Parking brakes and engine off, I hear: Blocks in position. Whatever I try, this does not happen. I can activate shift-ctrl-W and I see the line in the screen of AES. I have bought a lot of credits and the 5 Full is applied for this airport in the AES interface. When I change airport to Amsterdam or other acitvated airports, it is working right away! Does anyone of you know a solution please? Thanks and regards, Ed
  15. Hi, Doe anyone of you know how I can get a serial for FS2Crew 2010. I have bought the program and In the confirmation I was suggested to contact support, but they do not react. Hallo Konnen Sie mir sagen wer ich fur FS2Crew 2010 ein serial bekommen kann? Ich habe FS2Crew 2010 gekauft (online). In die bestatigung war geschrieben dass ich die support eine e-mail sende soll. Aber leider reagiert die support nicht. Thanks Danke Ed
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